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Cut me a little slack for just getting around to sharing with you the wonderful July 20th farm to table dinner at the Martyn House. Not only did I have to drive back to NYC with dog and BFF in tow, the BFF stayed for another week which seriously cut into any extra blogging time I might have had.  I think it’s a bit more delicious to revisit it after some time has passed anyway. Its sort of like leftovers. Way better after the flavors have had time to bond for a day or two.

As I am still easing back into the writing portion of my blog, I will let the images of the evening do the talking. Having a hard time finding my new voice. I feel a lot more, shall we say, “cautious” in my words. A bit guarded but somehow I see this as a good thing I have learned over the past two years. There is something to be said about leaving a little mystery on the plate. Maybe it was turning 40 and realizing that I no longer needed approval. Maybe I just want to hold some things closer to my heart, which means sharing less of them. We shall see where the road is going to take us; but for now it’s headed to Ellijay GA for a 5 course farm to table dinner that screamed of Summer.

The theme was a Summer Clam Bake, Southern Style. We started with a gorgeous evening with a fresh mountain breeze, 30 hungry guests and an amuse bouche of Summer Succotash! Each course was either paired with a Wine option OR one of Rick’s home Brews. First time we have done the beer pairing and what a Hit!

A "beachy" feel to the table setting where 30 gathered

A “beachy” feel to the table setting where 30 gathered

Nothing says Summer like a fresh Succotash with fresh peas, baby tomatoes, corn, herbs from the garden and tangy goat cheese.

Sumptuous Succotash!

Sumptuous Succotash!

Its hard not to get in the feel of Summer when you are gathered at a communal table covered by a Gypsy Faire Tent. In keeping with July, we went with the Biltmore Tent in all Blues…

Biltmore in Blue

Biltmore in Blue

Next course was a chilled Watermelon Salad with Mint marinated Feta Cheese and a Sweet Balsamic vinaigrette

Sweet, Savory, Mint ...Plates came back Empty!

Sweet, Savory, Minty …Plates came back Empty!

For the next course I had seared off gorgeous GA Banks Scallops and then let them rest at room temperature. They met with a tangy little Green Apple, Celery, Lemon and Basil Salsa. Very flirty she was. That tart fresh salsa was the perfect match for the rich flavor of the scallop. Match made in Heaven.

A Taste of a GA Summer

A Taste of a GA Summer

Dusk had settled in and as I served the main course; the table was alive with conversations as once strangers were now laughing and sharing stories and reminding me of why I do this.

A Gypsy Faire Tent by night is a sight to behold.

A Gypsy Faire Tent by night is a sight to behold.

Main course was a GA Shrimp, Clam, Andouille Sausage Bake with fresh Corn and Baby Red Bliss Potatoes. Drawn butter of course and homemade Hush Puppies. A Southern Girl’s must have.

Enough Said.

Enough Said.

Best for last? Perhaps! Dessert was a little play on Strawberry Shortcake. I made Sweet Cornbread Muffins with honey and fresh Ginger and toppled sweet Strawberries and GA Peaches on top macerated in a wee bit of sugar and then topped with fresh whipped full cream. Plates might have been licked. 😉 Post Dinner we all gathered around the roaring bonfire. We missed you there.

Peach & Strawberry Cornbread Shortcakes!

Peach & Strawberry Cornbread Shortcakes!

“Love is to the heart what the Summer is to the Farmers Year – It Brings to Harvest all the Loveliest Crops of the Soul”…. Unknown Author

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