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They say necessity is the mother of all invention and this certainly holds true to how I started my luxury tent company, Gypsy Faire Tents.

While living in Austin TX, I planned a big Bollywood themed party. I had no problem finding cool Indian lanterns, tabletop, accessories and caterers. However, finding a traditional Rajasthani style tent was absolutely impossible. So, what does anyone in that position do? Yes, I flew to India and sourced a great factory to partner with in a joint venture tent company.

Gypsy Faire Tents are made using centuries old techniques from loom weaving all our own natural cotton, to vegetable dyes and traditional hand blocking all the designs onto the cotton. However, in designing the fabric line and tent shapes I gave the collection an updated chic more modern feel. Up to date patterns and colors are the core of the fabric line and the assembly technology is modernized to be rust resistant, waterprooof, fire and mold resistant. Yes! They can go outdoors OR by your pool, in your dining room, on the beach, in a spa, in a garden or anywhere else  that needs a beautifully designed covered space.

See the website for full details on our beautiful tents. Are you ready to make your grass a little greener? www.gypsyfairetents.com


Buckingham Tent

Buckingham Tent with Small Khatoli on the right.

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