Hey. It’s me.

Wait, don’t leave! Give me a chance to explain. Please. It’s not you, its me.


I guess I just needed some time and space between us to figure things out. I felt too pressured to keep things up and going. I was running out of things to say and I felt that I was doing all the trying and putting in all the effort. I was lucky to get a few comments back in return, if that. It began to feel futile and I started to doubt my instincts about us.

So I took some time off. I know it’s almost been a year and well, maybe you have moved on. I can’t blame you for that. However I would like to at least explain a few things and catch you up to date. We can take it from there. How does that sound?


The last time I saw you was in May 2014 and I had just returned from a month-long journey across Vietnam, Cambodia and Burma. It was a life changing trip and I returned with a quiet peacefulness about me. I suppose that’s what happens when you spend a month with your mind as the only travelling companion. When I returned I felt utterly at peace and had no desire to spew and bark about my journey or the return to civilization. Civilization. An interesting concept. Were the deepest, most remote parts of Burma really less civilized than Newport Beach, Los Angeles, California or anywhere else in the US? What, you didn’t know I moved to Cali? Oops. Lets step back a few months.

That funny feeling to pack it all up and seek new lands came back around September 2013. By November, Sula and I had sent our belongings West and were saying our goodbyes to our beloved Brooklyn. We landed in Corona Del Mar CA. Why? It was (from Google Maps) what appeared to be the closest thing to a Brooklyn but at the beach. I wasn’t too far off. At least about the proximity to the beach and being able to walk anywhere we needed to go. I settled in to this strange new land called Orange County California. We can talk about that later. Over drinks. You will need one.


Sula and I become sunset seekers. Every evening we strolled to the beach, or lookout point above the beach, and watched the day set behind the Pacific Ocean. Sunsets are epic here. So epic I couldn’t stop taking pictures of them. (Yeah, now you get it 😉



Life was quiet and I every time I sat down to write you…I just wasn’t ready yet. No words came. No recipes popped into mind even after seeing the most perfect artichoke or avocado. So rather than fill a page with noise I remained silent.


The year and a half have been filled with all that one imagines when moving to the beach and/or California; and then some. There were sunsets, sailing adventures, farmers markets, paddle boarding, record-breaking Surf waves, Poke and more Poke (recipes coming soon), desert adventures, island adventures,beach parties, beach naps and a steady diet of 80 degrees and sunny skies every single day. Sprinkle in my occasional work trips to India or China or SE Asia, add a dash of quiet nights on my lanai listening to music  and feeling the cool Pacific breeze wash over me. Lets not forget about our recent serving of skin cancer and life reality checks.  There will be time enough to fill you in on all of this.

For now, I just want us remember what we had and see where we go from here. 😉



I can hear you already thinking, and soon asking, does this mean we are fully back on?

Supper Clubs, Pop Up Dinner Parties, Recipe Testing Videos, Restaurant Kitchen visits and all our old dating habits. Lets take it slow. We’ll get there.

For now, I just hope we can reintroduce ourselves and see what adventures tomorrow brings.





One thought on “Second Thoughts

  1. allison says:

    welcome back

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