You have been worried about me haven’t you?

Not a single post or peep out of me since moving to So Cal, 3 months ago, with regards to what & where I have been eating and exploring!

Three long months of silence has left you thirsty and hungry hasn’t it? Listen, I had to do my homework before breaking out my So Cal travel guide. I have alot more to explore, taste, sip, sample and slurp but I am ready to start sharing some of my new favorite foodie finds.

Since its Wine Down Wednesday, let me introduce you to The Wine Gallery in Corona Del Mar.

msIs one reason I love this quaint wine bar because it’s within walking distance of my house? Absolutely! I told you I wanted my Brooklyn neighborhood but at the beach. I have my new local wine bar!

The second thing I love about this wine bar is that it doubles as a wine shoppe as well. So I literally can take home what I enjoyed a glass of at Happy Hour.

Stepping inside the thick wooden door I was immediately impressed with the decor. A chic tufted bar takes center stage. Overhead repurposed wine bottles create a dramatic chandelier and intimate bar tables provide a cool “date night” spot. A private farm table tucked to the side has me thinking of a good reason to throw a private wine tasting with new friends. Now the real surprise of this lovely setting is that it is owned by three local “guys guys”. You know, tshirt and jeans wearing, just off surf or skate boards looking, super down to earth; and NOT the guys I would have thought owned a place called The Wine Gallery. Truly a pleasant surprise.

Don’t be fooled, these guys know their wine. So much so that they have a self designed wine flight EVERY night. Tuesdays are my personal favorite as not only the guys (Jeff, Chris & Jim) are often there but there is a good chance the winemaker will be too! Tuesdays only are a 5 wine flight and the themes vary every single week from going all around the world to tasting a single varietal  to last nights Tour de France.


The vibe is chill, the crowd gathers early and the wine is always flowing.

The tasting bar offers a really diverse and delicious tapas style menu. The flatbreads are a personal favorite. The shiitake mushroom, goat cheese, arugula flatbread drizzled with truffle oil is to kill for. You can get it sans bread in a salad as well. It went so well last night with the French wines. The meatballs come within striking distance to my Italian grandmothers recipe and the fish tacos are street style and super fresh. But of course there is cheese and charcuterie plates!

Insider tip: Be sure to ask for a glass of water. Its better than any I have ever been served at a SPA.

lGuess you know where to find me on Tuesdays now.

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