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It’s no secret that when it comes to landscaping and indoor container gardens, Succulents have my heart. While they don’t tout many bragging rights on their heady aromas and perfumes; they do WIN when it comes to texture and the ever coveted “cool” points. I have to think Dr. Seuss had something to do with their discovery and ever-growing popularity.

For me, there is another reason succulents have such appeal. I wasn’t even born with a hint, an essence of a green thumb. I can, and have, killed pretty much any kind of house plant. All of my attempts at outdoor landscaping just resulted in a lot of sweat and cash spent! There was the one infamous garden planting session in TX when I planted wild deers’ favorite foods. Gone in less than 60 seconds.


My move back West has rekindled my love fair with succulents. They just don’t fair as well in the NE 😉

California however, has taken it to a new level that TX cannot even compete with. Stick with your tumbleweeds and tarantulas for WOW factory. Cali takes it in succulents.


Every day I stumble off a sidewalk while eyeing some new succulent sensation! Today, I got to thinking about whether they are edible. Why? Ms. Sula decided to take a little nosh on a few leaves of a just sprinkler showered succulent. Mild panic set in. Would Sula be poisoned by the one thing on earth I haven’t killed in the plant world? Plant Karma had come for me.


I took a snap of the “death by succulent” and rushed home to Google. To my surprise succulents are largely EDIBLE! That’s right. The ole cactus isn’t just good enough for tequila. You can eat it!

So, my mind got to thinking about how beautiful a Succulent Salad would be. Lightly drizzled in a zesty lemon viniagrette. A pinch of salt & pepper. Really doesn’t need much dressing up as beautiful as they are alone.


Please note that I have not researched every one of these plants, so don’t go making a salad without doing your homework too! (There is my disclaimer.)


If you are way more educated on this subject, leave comments and let us know which of the desert beauties taste the best!


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