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I am only 22 days late in Wishing you ALL a very Happy New Year!

Hey, its been a busy start, cut me some slack.

2013 brought some very big changes to my life, well at least my location in life anyway. I trades skyscrapers for sand castles and have not regretted that decision a single second. There is a big snow storm in NYC and while it does sound romantic to be cuddled in front of a fire watching the flakes fall; I am much happier to know I will be walking the beach this evening in a Tshirt, as the sun sets over the Pacific ocean.

CA is a strange unique place to live for sure and just like I did when I moved to Brooklyn; I am getting a quick education on the things I need to be up on and aware of out here. This will be the subject of a few blogs to come. I can tell you that I never knew how important it is for one to have a spiritual mentor and a dedicated yoga guru. 😉 Oh and avocados have never tasted so GOOD!

The BIG looming question out there that you all keep asking is “Did Supper Club move to CA as well?” I am still deciding that but the scales are tipping in one direction. Stay tuned.

Here we are 2014! A new year gives us all the opportunity to reassess and reevaluate our lives from the simplest things as redecorating a room to redesigning our life plan. Are our careers still inspiring us daily? Are we contributing enough time and energy to family and friends? Should we be eating more dark leafy greens and taking fish oil supplements? Whatever your questions are…now is the time. NOW is always the time because it waits for noone. So grab hold of my hand and lets show 2014 what we are made of! xo

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