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Forbidden Entry

I have always had a love/hate relationship with China.

First it was the food. I came to love it, but not after a lot of hate; which included helping a turtle escape from a grocery store. (More on that in my next blog).

Then it was the language. Not only are there 10 ways to pronounce “Ma”, which all mean 10 entirely different things – but then they make you read right to left. Really?

However, recently, I have mostly loved it. Found the right things to eat (I still think Italians invented noodles) like dumplings. Found the few words that can make a factory laugh and then offer discounts. Found it’s best to sit in the back seat and read, so as not to see oncoming traffic. Found that a smile is the same in every country, every continent.

However, China is still the land of the Forbidden. Facebook, free speech, stepping out of line, saying “maybe” instead of an immediate NO and MY BLOG. All blogs for that matter.

I was lucky enough to be passing through Beijing on my way out this past trip. I had just enough time to add one more Forbidden thing to my list. The Forbidden City. I would tell you about it…but, as you know, that would be so forbidden.

So here it is…just as I saw it.

Peace Pops

Luckily, on an 85 degree day, popsicles were not forbidden. These young gents just wanted to eat theirs, but Mom forbade it until the picture was taken.

Amazing Entry

I couldn’t take enough shots of the doorways. If they were so forbidden to enter, they sure lured you in.

Forbidden Food

This Forbidden City food vendor was reinventing “things to eat on a stick”.

A Concubines Doorstep…So Forbidden

The secret alleys that led to secret doorways to the secret mistresses. So Forbidden.

Good Luck Kiss!

Forbidden because I stole this shot without them seeing. It was too cute to resist.

Forbidden Love

A Cyprus meets an Elm in a Forbidden embrace…

Forbidden Grotto

The Emporer’s Forbidden (Love?) Grotto…

Forbidden H Photo 😉

Just a little proof of my visit. Of course, its…yeah, you know.

And last of all …a Forbidden City Dragon. Imagine coming home from an Emporer’s “walk of shame” and running into him in the dark. Forbidden fright!

Dragon Spout

Ok, I am done. Really. I promise no more of the “F” word. It was just all too tempting 😉

Next post I take to the streets of Beijing and go peeking in Peking!

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