Haute n the Kitchen

Entertaining Inspired by my Travels & Traditions

Yellow Cherry Tomatoes

I went to CT on Saturday. This would be a first.

I know, hard to believe given the stamps in my passport. Perhaps we should have passports in the US to trace where we have and have not been in our amazingly diverse country.

Some states are more lovely than others; and this, I can now attest, is the case for CT. Its green but a different shade than my South. It’s not as grand with huge sweeping oaks hung with moss but its way more

Storybook like; with ponds and lakes. Lots of them! Petite to medium size and all softly dusted with lily pads, mosses and water plants.  It is narrated by Robert Frost and Thoreau.

It has quietness about it that is different from the South. I suppose that is what we refer to as “reserved”.  It feels older; more serious. More manicured. Isn’t that true through of most countries when you look a the difference in the North and the South?

Well, as you can see …. I was captured; one pond, one grassy field, one picturesque NE town, one shaker style house at a time. The fresh air certainly didn’t hurt.

I was mostly just happy to be barefoot with fresh green grass between my toes, see Ms. Sula run free and get to meet more amazing members of Mr. Z’s family.

Within minutes on arrival both Ms. Sula and I were treated like family. Growing up Italian, I would have said we were the most hospitable; but I am second guessing this after a weekend with the Irish.

The hospitality extended to not only the party, evening bonfire and campout;  but to fresh coffee and french toast at 7am! I almost asked  to move in and Sula had already staked her claim on the porch.

We spent Sunday morning kayaking and swimming at a cousins beautiful lakeside home. Sula even swam! Before heading back to the city we lunched outdoors by the lake with grilled BBQ chicken and tomatoes from their garden. When it really couldn’t have gotten any better, Mrs. Patty arrived with the departing gift of my dreams!  A huge basket of freshly picked veggies from her garden.

Fresh from the Garden!

Eggplant, zucchini, squash, cucumber, peppers, beans, tomatoes tomatoes tomatoes…

Sliced & Salted

The more simple the better. Freshly Sliced, Sea Salted & Peppered Lightly.

Simple Salted, Peppered, Olive Oil Drizzled, Balsamic Vinegar Drizzled.

These. Well they don’t need a thing. Just eat.

Yellow Wax Beans

The eggplant is going to be dinner tonight. I roasted it with a ginger, garlic soy marinade and am going to make steamed dumplings with ground turkey and eggplant.

Heirloom CT Tomatoes

The cucumbers and remaining tomatoes were lunch yesterday and probably again today! Cucumber “Spaghetti” with chopped tomatoes, feta cheese chunks, toasted pine nuts and all tossed in freshly made basil pesto.

Cucumber Pasta

I should go to CT more often don’t ya think?  Now, what to do with these lovely red, yellow and green peppers? Any Suggestions?

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