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I sat straight up in bed at 7:30am this morning feeling like it was more Dec. 25 than June 22. In 2.5 hours the antique shop would open where a friend told me he had seen the perfect vintage soda box for the back of my bike. I have been on a search for a while and this was super exciting. At 9:59am I bought the sweetest Canada Dry wood bottle box from Massena NY, no less. That just happens to be where my Great Grandmothers family (moms side) heralds from. Coincidence? I think not. Meant to be mine!

Newest Bike Accessory!

It was a great start to a day that only got better and better.(Note: Its only 7:30pm, so there could be a PS to this blog tomorrow)

Around 2PM  this afternoon the skies darkened, the breeze blew in and the heavens opened full faucet. Rain brought along her buddies thunder and lightning and they gave one heck of a performance for a good 30 minutes.

It was fantastic, minus the part where I was outside walking Sula for the initial 10 minutes of the show. Safely back inside we craved sweet tea and a front porch with front, rocking chair seats.

The storm moved on and the sun came back out leaving everything…well, sticky! Hot became humid and I really felt right back in the South, just after the ritual Summer afternoon rain shower. Well right back in the south minus the brownstones, fire trucks, yelling Brooklyners, subway stops and bodegas every other block.

The storm was my deciding factor to officially start the weekend and abandon all things desktop. I put on my flops, a linen skirt, the most non clingy t-shirt I could find and headed out to see what fun Friday adventures I might discover. Bizarrely, I ended up at the nail salon and left 30 minutes later with Ferrari red toes and a new walking attitude.

The feet now had a life of their own.

Rewined Candles, a great new discovery!

Next stop, a paper shop. This visit resulted in the purchase of a very cool new candle for my apartment. Its called “Rewined” and its a recycled 1/4 wine bottle filled with soy wax and scents reminiscent (kinda) of wine varietals.

The toes then led me to a dress shop. Shocking, I know. I left here with two of the exact same dress in different colors. No explanation for this, lets move on.

Then, the toes marched right into their fav flower bodega. Yes, bodegas have better flowers than the markets or flower shops. The fire engine red toes surprised me as they were feeling decidedly PINK. Maybe because the t-shirt and flops were pink? I digress.

Always trim the stems!

Now home, I give you Friday Flowers…

Stargazers and Roses


Friday Flowers

Somehow a little yellow lily snuck its way into my flower bundle at the bodega. She made her way to my desk to keep us company on this blog.

Hello Yellow

Today was a great way to kick of the weekend and as I finish this blog, the skies are clearing from their second, yes 2 Summer downpours today!. I am off to throw on sundress to match the toes, jump on my newly outfitted bike and head out to an art opening. Its shaping up to be a great weekend. Hope yours is too!

Have a great weekend!

Share your Friday Flowers!

– H

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