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White Summer Style

Welcome to Summer! 

I don’t know where you live but the first day of Summer announced herself in a super “haute” way, here in NYC. Wearing a healthy dose of humidity and a 95 degree blanket; she swept across the five boroughs leaving brows sweating and breathes panting. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE SUMMER! I am ready for some serious entertaining and I think it should start today.

Summer always looks good in White. It shows off a healthy tan. It’s fresh, clean and pure. Its easy, breezy and looks good on everyone.

So let’s kick off Summer with a White Linen themed Dinner Party. We will keep it classic, but add a few fun twists, like say, dining alfresco in this beautiful white tent on a beach!

Supper in the Sand

Let’s start this White Linen Summer Supper with the details of the table. Un-ironed white linen table cloths (its summer, no ironing allowed), white linen woven candle holders, white lanterns, twinkly white string lights, white Hydrangea and white ceramics drench the table in the theme. If you are at the beach, add sand! In clear vases with shells and flowers or even right down the table. If you are in the country, white flowers in white vases and a bit of kraft paper touches will keep it simple, Provencal. I like to mix in a little bit of texture and an organic feel by using some wood elements. Rough chopping boards for cheese plates, raffia wrapped napkins and silverware bundles, bamboo chargers, wood serving bowls and wood candlesticks are a few ideas to get you inspired. Handwritten menus in rough torn kraft paper is a wonderful personal touch to the table and keeps it Summer casual. Depending on where your Summer Supper is, use big white linen floor cushions and white cotton blankets around the after-dinner alfresco bonfire or in your backyard garden.

White Linen Summer Supper Table

Got the decor down? Work up an appetite?

The menu, while visually white, is anything but “white” in flavor.

Who said White is bland?

The menu eases into Summer by starting with classic oysters. There are some great white balsamic flavored vinegars available and I particularly love the pear one. Mix it with some chopped garlic/onion and use that with fresh lemon over the oysters. The clams need no introduction and are one of my Summer staples. I add fresh chopped fennel to the olive oil and garlic, rather than onion. It gives it that lovely anise flavor and gets so sweet when it cooks down. A clean white pinot grigio is my go to wine for steaming the clams open. Fresh baguettes are a given to sop up all that goodness left in the bowl when the clams are gone.

1,2,3 easy is fresh halibut wrapped in parchment paper with green onions, garlic, herbs, lemon and fresh pepper. Bake or even put on grill (no direct flame) for 20 minutes. Serve with jasmine white rice tossed with fresh chopped basil and grilled white asparagus stems brushed with a classic dijon vinaigrette. Feeling like Summer now?

Parchment Baked Halibut

For dessert? Well gelato of course! Its Summer! I am a classic Vanilla Bean kinda gal. The vanilla pairs well with using a candied herb or fruit like rosemary, thyme or oranges. Serve with a slice of angel food cake drizzled in warm lemon glaze.

Its Summer Solstice and I am loving it in White Linen. We will add color as the Summer stretches out, but for me, this is Classic Summer.

Tell me what is Classic Summer to you!

– H

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