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Delightful Decisions

For most of my adult life I have bought myself flowers every Friday. I love having fresh flowers in the house and to me these Friday Flowers signify the beginning of the weekend. The time to entertain friends, host a brunch, garden lunch, elaborate dinner party or just dinner for me.

Secret Ingredient

It’s not just about grabbing a ready-made bunch by the check out counter to spruce up the house. I take great pleasure in picking around the flower markets for what I think will look good bunched together at the table, alone on the nightstand or on the kitchen island. There is a strategy to Friday Flowers. Which look the most fresh? Which will last until at least Wednesday? What mood am I in? What will fill my room with a gorgeous frangrance? Which are beautiful but stink?

Black Callas…Swoon

I love the big rolls of parchment paper that the shop uses to wrap my flowers in. I like the sound of the tearing of it and crumple as the flowers get nestled into this flower funnel. I watch the shopkeeper eye my selection and assign a “flower type” on me silently. It changes my step as I leave the shop. I have flowers! I see others peak into the wrapped package to get a glimpse. Other Friday Flower friends I assume.

Country Living Style

B, knowing about my ritual, used to bring me fresh flowers every friday. He knew I loved Asian Lilies and would buy me a gorgeous dozen on the way home. His Friday Flowers went away over time and while they were such a wonderful gift, I was just as happy to pick them up myself so I could experience the ritual. Funny little habit that brings me such simple joy.

Simple. Sophisticated. Stunning.

Once home with the flowers, the fresh veggies, cheeses and charcuterie, wine, baguettes and fresh catch I set straight to arranging the flowers first. Oh, how did those other yummies land in my market basket? You see once the Friday Flowers have been selected, they inspire the weekend menu.


Once home I pour a little glass of vino, put on some music and the ritual goes on. Selecting and rinsing the various shapes and size of vases, opening all the flowers, cutting the stems (on the bias of course), removing the lower leaves and making an array of arrangements that suit my mood, the season, the occasion or the menu.

Indian Summer Theme

While this sacred ritual of mine each Friday has always been kept private I have decided to share Friday Flowers. Maybe they will be mine, maybe just inspiration of flowers I have seen other places but I am going to give you flowers every Friday now as well. Don’t worry, this doesn’t change the status of our relationship or come with any strings. I just think we all deserve flowers on Friday.

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