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Warren, Texas Ya'll

Hey Ya’ll! I am in Round Top Texas this week and weekend with our amazing Gypsy Faire Tents. Its our first time to exhibit out here and WOW what a truly crazy place this is. If you have been, you know. If you haven’t, you like me, don’t know what you have been missing out on! Even I am not sure I have words for it. If you like the words antique, bric a brac, vintage, repurposed, recycled, junk, found objects and one mans trash – then this is the place for you.

So, lets just start with some pictures to set the mood. If you happen to be attending and read this, we are actually showing at Zapp Hall (yes, home of the Gypsy Prom which is tonite!) in Warren TX. This stretch of the road has 77 residents 350 days of the year until the masses arrive for antiques week. Come see me!

More on the Gypsy Prom after tonite.

Of course, the best thing I have seen here is…

Gypsy Faire Tents covering Vincent Peach Jewelry

Signs …

Sign of the Times

Vintage Fun…

Out and About

Morning Coffee and afternoon Arnold Palmers from the love bug.

Love Bug

A few for the road?

Kickin It

More tomorrow, live from Round Top Tejas!

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