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The Eiffel in Spring

Paris in the Spring may sound cliché, but who wouldn’t want to stroll along the Seine with the first blooms of the season?  A view of the Eiffel tower in a misty haze (yeah it rains a lot in Spring there) and the smell of baking baguette from every passing boulangerie door.Well, my friend Rachel for one. She is French and I am just going to put it down to the fact that she just can’t appreciate what she grew up with 😉

I gave you the inspiration board for Spring entertaining in Paris in my last post. Did it work? Were you inspired to dust off your Julia Childs cookbook? Coq au Vin. Beouf Bourguignon. Moules. A tartin. Anything?

Ladies Lunch

In case you need a bit more inspiration…here is my suggested menu for a Ladies Lunch in the Springtime. Because you know it would just be you and your girlfriends that would want to take that stroll!

Champagne Toast (of course)

Endive Salad

(Shaved Endive, shaved fennel, shaved carrot, shaved brussel sprouts, all raw, tossed in a lemony vinaigrette and sprinkled with crushed hazelnuts)

Coq Au Vin

(Julia’s recipe for this French classic is superb. As an adjustment to make it a little lighter, um yeah, French food is riddled with butter, replace olive oil for the butter and use white wine instead)

Apple Tartin

(Before layering the apples, spread a layer of almond paste on the pastry. Top it off with creme fraiche rather than whipped cream. More savory.)

A long lingering gossip filled Cappuccino! A stop into Laudree for a few macaroons.


Then, another long stroll along the river, past Notre Dome and perhaps some late afternoon antiquing? Or a nap.

Paris Flea Finds

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