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Martyn House Inn, Coffee Bar & Culinary Center

This rendering is what has been keeping me sooo busy and away from writing here! I have certainly neglected my blog duties but I can promise you it’s for good cause. I can’t tell you everything just yet, but I certainly can let you in on the BIG SECRET.

Mom bought a 1930’s historic building on her little town square in the N. GA mountains about two weeks ago.

The building is being gutted as we speak and plans are coming together for what is sure to be the hottest new spot in her town if not for a dozen towns around!

The building is an extension of The Martyn House (www.themartynhouse.com), providing 6 more rooms for her B&B, although these are sans Glamping. Its called The Martyn House Inn Town.

More importantly she is in talks with some great coffee bean roasters for the Coffee Bar on the street level. Lots of goodies here including a mercantile, an event space, a design/culinary library…YES. I could tell you more but we are saving it for the press releases going out next week.

For me, it’s all about what is going to be settling into the back right corner of the building. A 1000 sq ft Culinary Center hosting weekly, monthly and 5 day retreat classes. Unlike other culinary centers however, we are going to offer an adventure. A center where the food is picked from real gardens that morning, prepared that afternoon and enjoyed on a mountain top that night. Where a gourmet picnic class  is enjoyed beside a rushing river you just kayaked. It’s beyond exciting and I am very very proud to be the co-director of the center.

More details will come soon. I just wanted to let everyone know so you can pencil in your culinary adventure with us for Summer 2012 and on.

We are putting the curriculum together now and hopefully class schedules will be ready in another month or so. I hope to keep you updated with pictures of the renovation as well. The building is one of a kind!

IF you are chef and interested in teaching at the center, please write to me! If you know a great chef who might be interested, have them write to me!

Happy Friday!


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