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Spontaneous Kiss

Kiss is a rather funny word. Think about it. Its more of a hiss than a tender affection. It starts with a sharp K, not a soft sweet consonant like Mmmmm. It’s a short strong word, more biting than long and lingering. Who is to blame for this word that contradicts its action?

kiss (v.) Look up kiss at Dictionary.comO.E. cyssan “to kiss,” from P.Gmc. *kussijanan (cf. O.S. kussian, O.N. kyssa, O.Fris. kessa, M.Du. cussen, Du., O.H.G. kussen, Ger. küssen, Norw., Dan. kysse, Swed. kyssa), from *kuss-, probably ultimately imitative of the sound. Related: Kissed; kissing. The O.E. noun was coss, which became M.E. cuss, but this yielded to kiss, from the verb. For vowel evolution, see bury. There appears to be no common I.E. root word for “kiss,” though suggestions of a common ku- sound may be found in the Germanic root and Gk. kynein “to kiss,” Hittite kuwash-anzi “they kiss,” Skt. cumbati “he kisses.”

Brilliant,  coss to cuss to kiss. Guess that explains why we kiss after a fight. Cuss then kiss 😉 Even funnier that it’s of Germanic root because we know how romantic and sexy the Germans are. No offense ok, but Germany is not one of the Romance language countries for good reason. Reason #1 – KISS.

Even though the word may not represent the action, it has to be said that, few things in life are better than a Kiss. Yes we all cherish a kiss from Grandma or Grandpa, a peck (another bad word for it) on the cheek from Mom or Dad to show how proud they are of you.

Forget all those right now. Lets talk about the kisses that count. The ones where your toes slightly curl. The ones where you are sure that if you opened your eyes you would find yourself 2″ off the ground. The ones that give you chill bumps on a perfectly warm night. The ones that cause dizziness. The ones where time stands still. The ones you never forget.

With Valentines Day just around the corner, I challenge you to NOT buy the red roses, NOT pay $8 for a Hallmark card with someone elses sentiments, NOT make reservations at an overcrowded overpriced restaurant and NOT buy a heart-shaped box of waxy chocolates. I say give the gift of the perfect kiss. This challenge is harder than you think. It has to be in just the right place, presented in just the right moment and chock full of honest tender passion.

I am going to leave you with some examples, to get you on the right path. These kisses have gone down in history. They broke the rules, the expected norms and many a heart. They were the start of something and some were the last, the end.

Casablanca Kiss


Officer & A Gentleman

Swept off her factory feet kiss.

Spaghetti Kiss

Cartoon Kisses

Princess Bride

Medieval Kisses

Cupid Kiss

Where it all started…

Naughty Kiss

Where it all ended (for them anyway)

Breakfast at Tiffanys

The Classic Movie Ending Kiss

The Notebook

Is there anything better than a kiss in the rain?

Post Card Perfect

The one leg lifted kiss…classic.

The last kiss is for all you fellow NY’ers. Maybe, just maybe this will be you on February 14th. The meter running kiss…

Yellow Cab Kiss

Trust me Gents, one perfectly timed and placed kiss will have her floating far longer and lighter than that box of chocolates you just bought. Give those to the schmuck next door and woo your lady with the perfect kiss.

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