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Winter White Inspiration

It finally snowed in NYC. It didn’t accumulate to a lot of inches on the ground, but it did accomplish to bring a smile to my face. Having lived in warm climates for so long, I am still the giddy one when the flakes begin to fall. I woke (for some inexplicable reason) at 4:45am yesterday and looked out to see my world turned white and big flakes still softly falling.

Finally, I got to wear to my Hunters and not look like I was going on a duck hunt!

Its salty slippery sidewalks and slushy side roads by now, but it made for a wonderful wintery weekend. (Note to self to lay off the alliteration).

Winter White. Thick wool rugs & pillows in shades of latte and buttermilk. A display of all white bowls, plates or vases. Repaint the hallway floors in white. Paint a whole room in serene white. Mix organic raw wood stools with white & cream textiles. Lighter Brighter Whiter.

While a hearty beef stew does sound rather appetizing on a cold post snow night, I am trying to eat healthy this month with more fresh fruits and veggies. So, tonite its going to be a Warm Winter White Salad.

Winter Salad Ingredients

Lightly roast Endive or white cabbage with olive oil and cracked pepper until al dente. Finely slice fresh pear. Toast a handful of pine nuts. Boil a quail egg. Crumble some extra sharp white cheddar cheese. Make a quick dressing of fresh lemon juice and olive oil. Assemble fashionably. Mine sort of resembles a winter white octopus don’t you think? Come on, stretch that imagination.

Warm Winter Salad

A crisp chilled Pinot Grigio completes and compliments the salad.

Snuggle up with a good book tonite and dream up some ideas of how to bring winter white inside this January. Let me know what you do to make your place a whiter shade of winter!

Snow Daze

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