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A Toast To 2012!

It’s Here! The much-anticipated 2012! 

So many friends faced struggles and hardships in 2011. While we hate to see the people we care for going through hard times and situations, we must always remember that it’s those dark times that make us stronger and wiser. We learn about ourselves during hard times and if one goes through them with an open mind and heart, they will grow and find a better version of themselves on the other side.

Will the earth cease to exist after 2012? I don’t know. What I do know is I am not going to dwell on it. I am not going to give that notion energy.

I am going to embrace 2012 as year for new possibilities, reaching new heights in my personal and professional life.

Dance like noone is watching

I am going to Dance! Let my feelings out through movement.

Reach for the Stars

I am going to Stand on the tips of my toes reaching Higher and Higher.


I am going to give Voice and Song to my Dreams and Aspirations. I am going to scream out loud like a girl on a merry go round in sheer delight.

On Air

I am going to walk 6 inches off the ground….Floating along because I am Grounded on the inside.

Be Free!

I am going to let Laughter be my best accessory. We all look good in our Smiles.

Love Life

I am going to Love. Love myself, love my friends and family. Love you. For it is love that heals all wounds and lifts us up over stormy seas.


I am going to Believe in the impossible. I am going to have all my wildest Dreams come true.

Join me? Let’s make 2012 the best year of our lives! 

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