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Set your Soul Free this NYE

Why does New Years always have to be champagne & caviar? Who said it has to be silver and sequins? I, being a huge fan of the aforementioned, have always embraced the traditional theme. However, sitting here with a lingering sniffle & cough, I feel like being cozy, come New Years Eve. Oh yes, I want to ring it in right! However must I be noshing on caviar toasts? Dare we drink something non bubbly?

Can cozy and glamorous exist together on the same menu, same table and same outfit? Here is my case that New Years Eve can be just as glamorous, sexy, tasty and celebratory without the sequins.

Recycled Bar Bottles

Decor : You can never go wrong with classic Black. Center your decor around black with linen napkins, matte black plates, black horn or shell serving utensils. Bring in natural wood tones for texture and a more earthy feel. I love smoked black glass. Try to find goblets in black glass or at least for the punch bowl. Recycled glass whiskey jars make fun pendant lights over the bar and tables. Festive with attitude.

Sexy Silver

Cocktails : If you cannot depart from having some bubbles, then try an old English classic by mixing 1 part champagne or prosecco with 3 parts stout beer. The comfort of a beer with just a little sparkle. I also like the idea of a red wine sangria in that black glass punch bowl. Now that is some attitude!

Cozy Cocktails

Menu : Start things off with smoked oysters. A stovetop smoker works perfect for this. Serve them on black rock salt.

Smoked Oysters

Smoked Salmon served on pumpernickel toasts with creme fraiche, chopped egg and chives is a sure crowd pleaser.

A Classic

Homemade walnut & parmesan wheat biscuits are homey and rich, especially when topped with creamy gorgonzola or a triple french cream cheese. Serve a warm fig jam alongside for extra decadence.

Homemade Crackers with Gorgonzola

Dates stuffed with raisin studded mascarpone then wrapped in fresh basil is both beautiful to behold and a delight for the mouth.

A Sharp Presentation

Keep desserts rich and decadent but easy. Dark chocolate whiskey spiked truffles and mini pots de creme satisfy the sweet spot and keep our NYE cozy and warm.

Mini Pots de Creme

Now the only thing to decide is what to wear!

For me, cozy is furry. A fun faux fur vest with a satin belt is festive yet warm. Tall black boots with a black or grey wool pencil skirt finishes this dark and moody look. Feeling a bit brighter?

Love This

I love this sort of bohemian glam look with the chunky boots, great scarf and wonderful jewelry. Ring in the new year both stylishly and comfortable.

Fun Festive and Fabulous

So what do you think? A warm, cozy, rich and decadent NYE over the cheesy 2012 sunglasses, cheap champagne, bad sequin dresses and uncomfortable stilettos NYE? I thought so too 😉

Oh and most importantly, don’t forget when the clock strikes 12 …

Happy New Years

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