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Pink Presents

You knew it was coming. How could I not include a PINK theme for the holidaze? It is the perfect retro vintage color theme. It is a hip modern urban theme. It is a playful sassy chic theme. It is a sophisticated tasteful traditional theme with elegance and grace. It is Blush and Bashful.

So, without further adieu, I give you A Pink Christmas.

A Perfect Pink Christmas

I like this theme in a two ways in terms of Entertaining.

On the “light” but sweet side, it makes for a great…

“Desserts & Cocktails” 

Menu: Pink macaroons, little pink cups of chocolate pots de creme, pink cake pops, pink petit fours and of course a fabulous pink Bouche de Noel!

Cocktail: Serve up pink Martinis & grapefruit juice Mojitos & Rose Vino

Takeaway: Cellophane bags with homemade Peppermint Pink Marshmallows with a homemade Chocolate & Bailey’s Cocoa recipe. You just made fans.

Modern Pink

Pink Holiday Dinner Party , Mais Oui. 

Menu: Nothing says Holiday decadence  more than Beef Tenderloin cooked to a perfect Medium Rare served with a Fig & Port Sauce. Roasted Baby Red, Purple and White Potatoes in Rosemary Olive Oil with bits of chorizo; add some heat and more pink patina.

Pink Bubbles

Cocktail: Pink Veuve Cliquet por favor! is the perfect pink cocktail before dinner and then Red Wine with this decadent menu.

Decor: Going Pink for Christmas has a lot of options. No matter if you go Vintage, Modern, Retro or Girlie, just stay away from Pink Pitfalls. No pink garland please. No pink panthers, pigs or ‘pattamuses. Think vintage pink glassware, antique glass ornaments in soft hues of pink and linens of blush and bashful. Think Steel Magnolias. Sigh. OR

Go with a vibrant modern them with strong color, strong flowers, linens and that ever so iconic Pink Tree.

Simply Pink

I know it’s not for everyone, but it sure can be a glamorous statement during the holidays. Its only a few pages over over on the color wheel from Christmas Red. Go ahead, dare to step outside of tradition and see how happy shades of Pink can be during your Holiday Season. Party with Pink 😉



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One thought on “Blush & Bashful, A Pink Christmas

  1. But, on the other hand, I love roasted veggies nothing says warm and cozy to me like a dish of assorted cubed roasted veggies drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled w salt, pepper, and rosemary.

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