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Peacock Plume Party!

There is no more beautiful (and potentially feisty) bird than the peacock. Yeah, I hear your Swan song but a swan is just white (sometimes black and disturbing) with a long neck. What other bird in the kingdom can prance around the yard, and with no warning, flash open a fan of the most amazing feathers. Feathers that reach to the sky and shimmer iridescent attitude.

The holidays could be Santa Red and Grass Green OR they could be an array of iridescent blues, greens and golds. The colors of the peacock blend so well that we have come to call this combination of green, blue and gold…Peacock. It has its own Pantone. It needs to be taken more serious and used a lot more in entertaining. Right?

So, I propose a holiday decorating theme & cocktail party, where our feathered friend is the guest of honor.

Decor: A peacock feather wreath on the front door is a must. How lovely is that? Extra feathers can fill bronze or antique gold vessels on the buffet table, hall entry table or on the mantle. Weave the feathers into a traditional mantle garland. For the tree, there are a wide variety of peacock themed ornaments. I like the less subtle ones that just carry the tones of the bird, without having a bunch of birds all over the tree. As one dramatic gesture, perhaps have the tree topper be a peacock. No, it doesn’t have to be a stuffed real one. Although I have to say that would be pretty haute. There are lots of faux options out there.  I also think a regular Christmas tree wreath is nice wrapped loosely with a peacock-blue colored ribbon. Use platters that are of the same tones of our feathered friend  and Caspari has great napkin options in the turquoisey blue-green shades. http://www.caspari.com. Instead of colored candles, use Moroccan tea glass in green and blue for candle holders.

Invites: There are lots of options here. You could use a nice golden color paper and hand stamp a turquoise green peacock feather down the length of the paper. You could also choose to use the peacock-blue green color as the paper and print feather in black on the page with the invite text. Another option is attaching a real feather to the invite, although your invite is certainly now over standard size mail.

Takeaway Gift: Yes, the easy idea is a ribbon tied feather for each guest. I like the idea of using the peacock colors for a sweet treat takeaway. How about pistachio macaroons or mini blue cupcakes with an emerald-green frosting? How about mini blue macaroons with a pistachio filling? It could even be as simple as a peacock sugar cookie with a mix of blue-green frosting swirled across the bird. Strapped for time and can’t make the takeaway sweet treat. No worries. Just buy various shades of blue and green jelly beans to fill clear bags and tie off with a pretty turquoise green ribbon. What other easy take away treats can all you bakers out there think of?

Peacock Party on a Plate

Cocktail: I like the idea of blue cosmopolitan because our bird deserves a sophisticated cocktail. However blue margaritas are another fun option. If serving a blue drink is a little to close to a Smurf theme for you, then just serve your cocktail on a peacock napkin or have the garnish be three olives of various shades of green, bright to dark.

Menu: You most certainly could make a dinner party with this theme. I just happen to be in the cocktail party mood this week. Its more social, lighter and is easier to prepare ahead of time.

Peacock Themed Cocktail Party

Scallops on the Half Shell

Crispy Chili Spiced Shrimp

Rice Paper Rolls filled with Julienne vegetables like jicama, green onion, green papaya, fennel and parsley

Potatoes Hassleback (always party popular)

Squid Salad with Mizuno leaves, Thin red onion and a green pesto dressing

Butternut Squash for that beautiful golden color

Peanut Butter Ginger Cookie Sandwiches filled with Vanilla Nutmeg Frosting

It can be just that easy. Most of these appetizers require little preparation and cook times. I chose these items because they aren’t too heavy but substantial enough to feel like you have had dinner. 

I can already see the gorgeous wrapped presents under the tree with shimmery turquoise and green paper tied with organza ribbon of emerald and jade. Plume your package with a feather and really who even cares what’s inside! Well…

I was going to write tomorrow about a fun Pink themed party but my Broncos just  pull this game off against Chicago so it might have to be a blue and orange horse theme! Go Broncos!

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