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16 Days til Christmas! While we are not quite having visions of sugar plums just yet, the reality of the Holiday Season has definitely set in. Along with much colder temperatures here in NYC. I wouldn’t even mind seeing a few flurries just to really make it official. While RSVPing to my first Holiday Party tomorrow night, I realized I have done nothing about planning one of my own. Might need to get on that soon.

So, I started brainstorming for a few themes that don’t entail holly, faux snow and red velvet. Nothing wrong with those things mind you. I just am ready for something FRESH and FUN. That thought sparked the idea for my first theme.

We all associate Christmas with green. How about we just slide from evergreen to mint green? Easy enough. Its lighter, brighter and has a cool retro sorta feel to it. Don’t ya think?

Decor: Keep it on the sophisticated side. Use matte white, cream, tans and wood tones for the serving pieces and plates. Mix in a few whimsical bits of mint using green milk glass. Make these wonderful book pages coned trees for the buffet table and bar. Its smart 😉

Flowers: The flowers want to stay neutral as well. No mint roses ok. White roses with curly willow or pussywillows creates a soft warm atmosphere.

Invites: I always try to use snail mail for parties. So much more traditional and proper. However time is of the essence, so you may have to go the email route. Use a parchment paper heavy stock hang card for the invite. It  again is neutral and elegant but with an element of fun. Stamp on a winter pattern be it snowflakes or ornaments in soft mint or white. These could show up again as description cards for items on your party buffet.

Take Away Gifts: Because you have all the time in the world and your first name is Martha, string together mix matched buttons to create little wreath ornaments. Tie on a mint colored ribbon as the tree hanger. Place them all in a basket by the door as takeaway ornaments.

For Fun: Make a non mistletoe out of fresh mint and hang over the buffet table. Even 3 of them would be great spread out across the table.

Minty Menu

Now to the good part. What to eat. The color mint feels light and fresh, providing us a good excuse to actually serve healthy appetizers. Use fresh mint as the garnishes.

In lieu of a regular cocktail make a vodka, mint & lemon granita. Its like snow cream for big kids.

For the crudite, blanch white asparagus & French green beans. Thin slice celery and fennel. Peel the skin off radishes and plop them in a bowl with pickled white onions. Pickles! Oh sure why not. But go with little cornichons. Whip up a dip using sour cream, creme fraiche, fresh mint and fresh basil. Salt & Pepper. What else?

Spicy sesame crab cakes with pickled ginger and fresh wasabi, check!

Hollowed out granny smith apples filled with warm caramel sauce. Hey, its 1/2 healthy right?

Honeydew Melon slivers wrapped in prosciutto. A must.

Toss a big organic green salad with a bright lemony vinaigrette. Oh sure, toss in some roasted walnuts and white raisins.

For that one rich decadence we must have around the holidays, whip up some thin mint truffles. Truffles are the easiest things in the world to make. They are in my book. Just work the thin mints themselves in where you would add the flavoring. Sooo delish and Minty!

So that’s it. Now, just to get the invites off, finish unpacking my new apartment and find the time to string buttons together, lol!

Hope to hear from you if you use this theme. Send pics. Tell me what you served or did differently for the decor. I made a pinterest board for the theme, so check it out if need more inspiration.

Happy Holidaze are here…



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