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How things can change in a mere 9 days. A week ago Saturday night, I hosted Supper Club in my old apartment for the last time. The good news is that I believe it was the best one to date! The bad news is that,  like all good things, it had to end. Sunday morning came too soon and as the dishes were washed and dried, they were then packed away in moving boxes. So it began. I really can’t complain about the move. It’s an amazing new apartment with a garden for Ms. Sula. The kitchen is ridiculously amazing and it has a claw foot bathtub. Need I say more? Let’s talk about Supper though, we have lots of time to explore my new pad.

Bobo Table

The theme was Bohemian Bourgeois and I decorated the table with colorful pencils, vintage postcards, little hand bound journals and a few inspiring quote books. I encouraged everyone to channel their inner bohemian self during dinner and leave a poem, a shared thought or a drawing. I was not to be disappointed. I had also, given it was Thanksgiving weekend, asked each guest what they were thankful for. Wow! This was my favorite part of the night. Ok ok I am giving too much away. Lets start at the beginning.

Courses 1 & 2

The first delight, for my 13 guests, was the homemade Rillettes that had been melding for 3 days in the frig. (Recipe from Anthony Bourdain cookbook for Les Halles) I served it with toasted baguette, spicy pickled carrots, cornichon and whole grain mustard. This was a shared starter between every 4 people.

Next there was Thai moules (mussels) with a coconut milk, lemongrass, ginger & thai chile sauce.

As the guests warmed to each other and the conversation became more animated and filled with laughter, I felt a smile begin to grow across my face as I prepared the salades. There is no greater joy for me than bringing strangers together around food and watching them become friends.


Salade Lyonnaise (sorta) with quail egg, duck lardons, butter leaf lettuce & a dijon vinaigrette. Best part was I had printed each guests thankful thought on a paper ribbon and presented then on the salad. Each guest took a turn and read what someone else at the table was thankful for. I just got chills, again.

The next course was a risk, but hey, I gotta challenge myself somewhere. I grilled hen of the wood mushrooms (yes, that is a mushroom) with a rosemary olive oil and balsamic marinade and then sprinkled them with black sesame. I gave each plate a parsley, lemon juice, olive oil dollup. Success! It was really rich and meaty. Perfect to prep for the main course. The only drawback was that the apt. got rather smoky with the indoor grill pan. Ah, its Bohemian right?

Hen of the Wood

Main course was a standing rib roast marinated in rosemary and garlic. I made a porcini red wine reduction gravy and served the meat with Petatou (red bliss potatoes mixed with olives, parsley & cream then broiled off with a goat cheese topping). Um, it melted on the tongue. I think I made a fan or two. Big thanks to Arturo for carving our big guy up. Men are somehow just innately better at this.

Standing Rib Roast

Then, dessert. Mom’s famous pumpkin roll with a new twist (sorry Mom, it was time). I added mascarpone to the cream cheese filling. I added candied pecans on top and the drizzle of caramel sauce. I might have witnessed a few people licking their plates but I am not naming names 😉

Pumpkin Roll

We toasted with port! We laughed, we told stories, we became FB friends. Not so bohemian but hey.

Sweet Sentimental Endings

Thank you thank you thank you to all that came and made it a wonderful night of fabulous food, friends and fun. I am thankful that each one of you were there.



PS. The boxes are all gone and this new kitchen is begging to be cooked in! Stay tuned. Its going down.

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