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Rillette du Porc

I suppose it’s rather cruel to post an amazing recipe, that takes 3 days to fully prepare, when tomorrow is Thanksgiving and its around 11pm EST. Why would I do such a thing? Its a terrible tease on a day with  so much thankfulness for the things that are easy and true. Sigh. I had my reasons.

The bright side is that there is still Christmas, New Years and a lot of lonely January nights to come!

I, being a health conscious, regular excersing, healthy eater type of  person was as shocked as you to think I really wanted to make something that had three ingredients. Pork fat, pork fat and oh, pork fat. We all have our closet indulgences right? Well this is definitely one of mine, right alongside of pate and terrines. It’s just so rich and decadent and naughty.

Particularly,  I have made this rich indulgence for my Secret Supper Club this coming Saturday. I wanted to be sure that the menu in no reflected turkey, cranberry or stuffing. There is only so much leftover action that is acceptable. Rather, I chose a menu far from our shores. A Oui bit Francais. The theme is Bohemian Bourgeois and the menu screams of rich French classics.

So this is why I write about making Rillette on Thanksgiving Eve. We must put our hunger compass just a few days forward; now that the bird is ready for the oven and the pies are nearly baked.

Pork Pork and Pork

Rillette du Pork

1 lb. Pork Belly

2 lb. Pork Shoulder

1 lb. Pork Fat

1 Bouquet Garni (Thyme, Sage, Bay Leaf, Rosemary – tied with string to make a bouquet)

4 Cups Water

1 Pinch Each Salt and Pepper


First cube the shoulder and belly into 2″ pieces.

Put the meat into a heavy bottom pan.

Add the water and the bouquet garni.

Ready to Slow Cook

Over low heat cook for 6 hrs. No boiling, slight slight bubbling only.

Remove from heat and discard the bouquet garni.

Nom Nom

With two forks in a mixing bowl, gently pull the meat apart. Do not mash! Gently Gently.

Pulled Pork Pork Pork

Put the pulled pork mixture into various small containers and then top with thin slices of the pork fat on top. Cover. Seal. Put in the frig for 3 DAYS. Yes 3! French torture at its best.

Ready for Hibernation

Day 3 – Let sit til room temperature. Scoop out and form into an interesting shape with spoons, molds, whatever. Put on a  plate. Serve with toasted (or not) fresh wheat bread, cornichons, a grainy Dijon mustard and any other pickled vegetable you would like. The rich pork needs the brine to cut the flavor.

Was it too easy? Yes, of course. Hey, you bachelors out there! You can rock this if you don’t eat it all before your date arrives.

Enjoy this holiday season and be thankful today that I sent you such an easy recipe that will bring great reward in the near future.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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