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Union Square Green Market Goodness

Yesterday (and today) were unseasonably warm delicious Autumn days. Lots of sunshine, no clouds and temperatures around 60 degrees. Not bad for NYC in late November. The weather inspired me to take my new Nikon D90 on a field trip to the city. I wanted to shoot food, specifically,  so I headed straight for the Union Square Green Market. Let’s just say I wasn’t disappointed. Hope you aren’t in the pics I took! Still learning the camera, but these are all raw (no re-touching). Only because I don’t know how yet lol! Baby steps. What do you think? Am I on the right track?

Grainy Greens

…and then there were was our friend Garlic.

Ga Ga For Garlic

Butternut Parsnip Mash Anyone?

Butternut Love

Just in time for Thanksgiving

Hey there Pumpkin

Bapples 😉

Yes please!

Hello Little Lady!

Little Lady Apples

Something Spicy?

On Fire!

A Sweet Ending

Sweet Ending

So I bought eggplant, assorted chilis and shallots. Tomorrow we cook it up and take the camera to the cucina.

Tonight marks the end of my Bday week. Was an incredible week, ending with too many late nights and too many gift drinks. I rang thirty shine in pretty fabulously thanks to my dear dear friends. Looking forward to a week of thankfulness, friends, fab food and photos!

Sweet dreams,


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