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Thanksgiving is great and all, but if we were to be really honest about it…we are sick of turkey, stuffing and cranberry jelly! Right? Oh yeah, all the gourmet magazines “re-invent” the traditional menu every year by adding the latest food trend. Last year everything was laced with bacon and this year I suspect the buzz word will be “gluten-free” thanksgiving.

I am not trying to pick a fight with the Pilgrims or be unthankful in any way. I just want to suggest that if you are a grown adult with free will and an appetite for fresh, healthy, seasonal gourmet food; then consider setting Tom free.

If you are single in the city like me and won’t be travelling “home”; then why not have a great inspired dinner party with other “on their own”  friends? You might find yourself more thankful than usual 😉

This is, in fact, my very plans. So, RSVP soon. To get you in the mood for my November Dinner Party (or the one you now want to have)…here is some inspiration!

Easy Elegant Seasonal Name Card

I love this simple beautiful bit of nature transformed into an elegant name “card”. No gumballs in your yard? This same application is great with funky shaped twigs, pine cones or whole walnuts.

Inspired by Ralph

The textures and tones in this Ralph Lauren inspired photograph are perfect for my party. Cashmere, plums, leather, suede, wool, wheat, jute and is that Sula in the picture? She looks good in everything!

Potato & Pinot

This photo is total food porn. The texture of the tablecloth, the caramely notes on the potato & the rich colors of the wine and back wall are exactly the scene I want to set.

For the main course…forget Turkey! This Rosemary Pesto Rack of Lamb is incredibly easy to make, tastes divine and has an amazing presentation! Your guests will be saying “Turkey who?”

Nom Nom for November

Want the recipe? Page 112 of the book 🙂

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