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Cauliflower Brains..ah ah ah!

As I stare out my window right now, big flakes of snow are coming down with a somewhat peculiar sense of haste. As if it were late. Dear Snow, its October 29th and you are, by no means, late for your seasonal arrival. Maybe you did that thing where you stir from a long slumber and then panic; thinking it’s much later than it actually is. You leap into action and then only realize its like 6am, or October. It happens, I get it. But…you are still pouring down from the heavens. Slow down! Give us back our last lingering days of Autumn!

Creepy Curry

Tonight NYC celebrates Halloween (Mondays are all biz in the big city). How are we going to be spooky, sexy, scary and surprising when we are wearing winter coats and Uggs? I knew I should have been an Olympic snow skier this year! Too late? Yes, my costume is already purchased and this Black Swan will be freezing her tutu off. At least ballerinas wear leg warmers.

Terrifyingly tricked out tablescape

In the spirit of NOT embracing the falling snow outside, I want to share to fun and ghoulish ideas for the Halloween parties that MUST go on! I borrowed all these inspirational pics from Martha. I am just too weather confused to come up with my own at this point.

Frightful Flowers!

It’s still snowing…I guess it’s not a dream after all. As I reach to hit the “publish” button for this blog, I just ask myself and you…is this early arrival of Winter a TRICK or a TREAT?

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