Haute n the Kitchen

Entertaining Inspired by my Travels & Traditions

The Before; Set & Ready

Hands down, Sunday Best goes to 2Bridges Supper Club last night. With a theme like Cashmere & Caramel, how could it go wrong?!

Supper Club fulfills a lot of things for me. It gives me a chance to sharpen my “Martha” skills with the execution of the theme in decor and design. It gives me the opportunity to “experiment” in the kitchen (more on this to follow – not always a positive). It widens my social network as I get to meet the most interesting and fabulous people; who brave social Supper Clubs. It most definitely is my “fix” for entertaining. It’s my excuse to sleep til noon the following day and most of all it confirms my insanity.

Tis the season

Who willingly, jubilantly even, invites 12-15 strangers to dinner, preparing 5-7 courses herself (no sous chefs here), decorating for the theme, plating each course, presenting with a verbal presentation, dining,dashing back to the kitchen for the next round, smiling, laughing (a bit hysterically), making a take away gift, cleaning it all up and  – all with lipstick perfectly applied? That would be me, the insane one. Who loves every minute it.

La Tabla

But I would be a shameless liar to say I do it all myself, now wouldn’t I?

My “wizard of Oz” stays behind the curtain; taking no glory. He designs all of the invites, the menu cards, the logos and the signage. He trapses up and down 3 flights of stairs to welcome each guest. He mixes and serves the cocktails. He serves all the courses. He pours the wine. He clears the courses. He does dishes like no man I have ever seen (shhhh…he would die if anyone knew). He does all of this, while making sure every moment, every plate, every detail is captured on camera. Thank you Marco. It takes 2Bridges.

Now back to me. 😉

Apple Tart!

I love Sunday after Supper Club because it’s all dreamy wonderful memory now. My near catastrophe of the handmade ravioli water not boiling…sorta funny now. Sorta. The grilling of 50 individual ribbons of zucchini for a salad – big mistake. Huge.  But the best “leap off the cliff” was me deciding at 5PM to make a pastry for dessert. I don’t bake. No really, I don’t. I hate to measure anything. Its far too scientific for me. But I pulled off an apple tart that was voted BEST course of the night. Shut Up.

My pride & joy

I am flat out exhausted. I will probably go to bed directly after I hit the “Publish” button on this blog post. But am I smiling as my face falls into that pillow? Oh yeah, big time. Another Supper Club Success with friends old and new has me dreaming up creative and wonderful ideas for … next months Supper!

Cashmere & Caramel – I ENTERTAINED, We had lots to EAT, we EXPLORED new worlds, new stories &  new ideas together around one communal table. A perfect night in my book.

Ciao Ciao,


The "AFTER" shot

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