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I have been procrastinating writing this post. You see, this is my 200th blog post! Does a number really matter when it comes to blogging?

Nate Berkus had his 200th TV show episode this week and he had Guy Fieri guest co-host the show and even make him a yummy treat.

Countries celebrate turning 200 years old with fireworks.

I feel sure Oprah threw a big bash and gave away free cars or houses (probably) when she published her 200th magazine. So, is this really a special blog post?

Should I be typing this in an evening gown and tiara? Maybe I should be typing with my toes or “live blogging” from the Empire States Building or better yet, the bar at Babbo. Should I be blogging about how I met Debi Mazar & Gabriele Corcos last week at NY F&W Festival and chatted about their food show?

I hate to disappoint my readers, but I am just barefoot in old jeans and a cozy white sweater. My hair is in a ponytail, my feet up in my office chair. I am sipping on a warm cup of spiced apple cider wondering what in the world to write. In other words, its pretty much the same as any other day I am blogging.

So instead of stressing myself out with having the perfect words today; I am going to share with you some of my favorite pictures. Pictures of the places I have been (Explore), the foods I have tasted (Eat) and the chance to share both of these with my friends and family (Entertain).Β 

Here’s to my 200th Blog post! Keepin’ it Haute πŸ˜‰

Uluwatu, Bali Indonesia - edge of Paradise

This was a good day, a very good day…whales went by, I got a tan, I was at an exclusive Italian resort and being very spoiled. Once in a lifetime moment.

Hong Kong Style Sea Bass with Imperial Black Rice & Spinach

My very first signature dish. It made alot of people smile, which is good when they are sitting at your dinner table.

2Bridges Supper Club

A proud moment. I started an underground Supper Club this year. A dream I have had for years and…its is a great success!

So as I reflect on my many blog posts, some sad, some angry, some funny and some, many just goofy; I also reflect back on three very happy things in my life.

The opportunity to have seen so much of this world

The gift of being able to make people smile with the food I cook for them

The success of a dream

Thanks for reading,


PS. Supper Club is this Saturday. There are still seats available. Are you going to be there so I can make you smile?

2 thoughts on “Is this a special Blog Post?

  1. Heather says:

    No Sanjay! Because…its in the first book πŸ™‚ The chapter is called “Made in China”. I renamed it Shanghai Sea Bass but its the same recipe and is to this day one of my favorite things to make. Light and delicious but full of flavor.

  2. Sanjay Nasta says:

    Is the recipe for Hong Kong Style Sea Bass with Imperial Black Rice & Spinach going to be in your next book?

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