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Billy Goat Blue

As usual, two weeks in India goes faster than a straw house on fire. Even with the sweltering heat, bomb blasts and earthquakes, I still find India to be truly Incredible. No, I don’t get paid to say that sadly.

Around every corner there is a sight to behold. Around every corner there is a smell to take your breath. Around every corner there is inspiration. Architecture, patinas, the laughter of a child, the Mona Lisa smile of a woman under her sari, the cow happily chewing his cud. I spent alot of time in the markets. Talked veggies, spices and grains with the locals. Even had a guy paint an elephant on a lentil bean for me. I would show you, but its on its way to the Smithsonian 😉

A good journey. No, a great journey. Because every journey opens my eyes to seeing outside myself, a new perspective. Here is a glimpse of that new perspective.

Boys will be...

and then there was a pot of water on the ground. A chili had fallen from the veggie market stand into the water. As I peered in and took out my camera, a young man identified my find as “WATER”! How does one respond to that but only with laughter.

Water with a Kick

and of course…I ate. Tandoori Chicken in a mint sauce, Paneer with spinach and chile, Prawns in coconut curry and …Birhyani. Think paella, ala India.  I must learn this dish.

New Food Challenge

No trip to anywhere is complete without…new shoes!

My new shoe BFF

With my new shoes, I am off to the next destination. Shanghai…here I come!

See you there,


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