Haute n the Kitchen

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The Mighty Ganges

I missed last weeks Sunday’s Best post.

I feel bad. The kind of bad like when you start a new workout regime and on the 3rd day, eat 1/2 of a chocolate cake. But…what you were doing was sooo yummy that you only really 1/2 regret it 😉

I could post late but seeing its Friday now…the window of belated postings has long gone.

I am hoping to made amends by, at the very least, showing you what exactly has been so distracting and delicious this past week.

I left for India on 9/1…


Found this cutey Captain on the banks of the Ganges.

Heavenly Tents

I spent an incredible incredible (no stutter here) day with my tent vendor who motivated me to take the world by tent! My new BHAG (big hairy audacious goal) is to make everyone’s grass greener by having a Gypsy Faire Tent on their lawn. Got Tent?

And one more for good “measure” 😉

Grains...for Her

Weary feet need inspiration too 😉 …and so the adventure goes on!

Self Portrait

See you on Sunday!



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