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Irene Arrives

Sunday again, already!

My tiny apartment in Brooklyn is filled with the aromas of fresh toasting bread, chopped tomatoes, garlic, basil and Irene.

This one blew in with some extra gale force winds. Hurricane? Obviously Irene is a lady. She arrived fashionably late, was dressed in soft neutral shades of grey & black; had that wind blow but totally put together style. There was a look in her “eye” that said, “While I may appear a threat given my reputation; I am just here to cool things down among you hot-blooded New Yorkers and quench your haute Summer thirst.” She really was the life of the party! In fact, I hear that some parties were even hosted in her honor.

It was certainly evident at the liquor store yesterday that someone important was arriving. Bottles were flying off the shelf in mild hysteria. I guess she is a thirsty gal. Hungry too, because the scene at the grocery store was no less dramatic. I must admit I was a bit daunted about what I had heard about her as well. Strong, powerful, intense, lets no one stop her from what she wants and has a veracious appetite.My kind of gal – force – wind.

Turns out canned tuna can really be a storm stopper given the right company, some arugula, crumbly feta, pickled capers,heirloom tomatoes and red onions.

In the end, lovely Irene arrived as expected. Everything they say is true, but oh so false. In fact, she  lulled me to sleep last night as light rains fell and mostly gentle breezes whispered through my bedroom window. No, it wasn’t like that! She was just staying in the spare rooms and well, snores.

Without further adieu,

My Sunday Best of the Week –

1. Haute Design

Mix matched and Flawless

Masonry walls, high ceilings and strong beams are few classic features boasted by the house. Open layout plan has been combined with easy sophisticated decoration for a relaxing and classic look.

Divine Dip

This unique barn style decoration has been accentuated with classic vintage style furniture pieces. Carved wooden chairs with white leather seats, unpolished wooden dining table, wooden doors featuring glass panes and curved designs, huge dressers and brass bathtub are few examples of vintage style furniture pieces introduced in the house.

Kitchen Envy

The kitchen is my perfect blend. Farmhouse meets modern needs. The island is rustic, yet clean; bar stools are just another reason why mix match in same color tone is always successful. Can’t you totally see me cooking here?

2. Haute Exploration

Seriously, are you paying attention? This weeks travel is to track down the above house and declare some kind of squatters rights. Who’s in? Dibs on the master bedroom.

It ‘s in France. It was an old mill. How hard can this be?

3. Nom Nom of the Week

Tomato tomato

All things tomato. Perhaps its knowing that the season is coming to a close. Perhaps they are just amazing this time of year, local in the market.

How did it manifest to my plate?

* I made homemade ratatouille/caponata with a heavier dose of roasted tomatoes than usual. Eggplant, capers, tomatoes, fresh basil, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper roasted together until the sassy is gone and only sweetness remains. I tried to have leftovers.

Caponata a casa

*Fresh heirloom tomatoes. Rinsed. Plated. Sprinkled with salt, drizzled with extra virgin, peppered and escorted by fresh soft feta. Yes to less.

Farm Fresh

*Authentic Bruschetta – tomatoes, fresh garlic, basil, salt, pepper, vinegar (red wine). Thinly sliced Italian Bread (Caputos of Cobble Hill please), olive oil rubbed and oven toasted.

Love, Tomatoe

It’s been a wild week. The smell of bruschetta cannot be resisted any longer. Sweet Irene Dreams.

Ciao Ciao,


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