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Sunday Roast

As the smell of a roasting chicken fills my little  Brooklyn apartment on this rainy August evening, I feel even more sure my new Sunday strategy is a good one.

As you know I have been stuck in “boring blog syndrome” this Summer. Blaise content that matched the malaise in NYC given the high temps. My travel was reminiscent of Groundhog Day. Hong Kong. Hong Kong.

Just when I was ready to write a bye bye blog…I got an idea. Ingenious? I’ll leave that to you to decide. Let’s say that were it not for my new iPad, I might still be in boring blog mode. You see, just as with all ailments, it seems, THERE IS AN APP FOR IT! 

My saving grace app is called ZITE. Delivering fresh, current sexy content to me every hour all day long, I no longer wander aimlessly in cyber hell to find content about my haute topics EAT, ENTERTAIN, EXPLORE.

So, here’s my bright idea. I am going to give you lots of inspiration all week now on FB/TW and then give you my fav pick for design, travel and food each Sundays. To make it really appetizing, I am going to prepare a roast while blogging. This explains the aroma of the roasting chicken – fresh thyme, lemon, shallots and olive. Gently simmering in butter, brandy and fresh squeezed orange juice are carrots that will be tender, sweet and the perfect date for that roasted chicken. More on that to follow. For now, this weeks favorite finds…

The Awaiting Table

1. Silvestori Silvestore is a modern-day Renaissance man tucked into the heel of Italy in a little town called Lecce. Here, in his self restored & decorated villa, he runs a cooking school (The Awaiting Table), a wine blog, a food blog, photography lessons, “wine soaked bicycle tours” (yes please!), olive oil classes and more.

Quince in the Making

Of course, he is not entirely alone in these endeavors. He has a colorful cast of neighbors, vendors and friends that I feel would someday make great movie characters. Read more about Silvestori and start saving for that trip to Lecce. It might just be the best Italian” heel” you ever buy. Read more about Silvestori at http://www.foodwriting-awaitingtable.com/

Casa Talia

2. Casa Talia in Modica, Sicily is eye candy for the design hungry. I admit I was drooling while perusing the images of their compound. A husband and wife team, Marco & Viviana, have turned a string of 12 little houses into six sexy suites, each uniquely decorated. A communal courtyard unites the houses and honestly  this must be the most chic place in Sicily right now. Read and drool more at http://www.dezeen.com/2011/08/18/casa-talia-by-marco-giunta-and-viviana-haddad/

La Cucina

Each suite is uniquely decorated and while some are white and ephemeral, I have to say, I love this one…

Bella Bella Blue

Now, how about that Sunday Roast?

Lemon & Thyme Roast Chicken

3. Roasted Chicken rubbed (under skin and over skin) with fresh thyme, fresh lemon juice, chopped garlic &shallot with an olive oil drizzle. Sprinkled with S&P. Roasted under parchment for 1.5 hrs at 400 degrees or until you are salivating from the smell. Remove from oven. Check that juices are running clear with a fork and let rest for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, in the roasting pan add the contents of our bird, a big sloshing of brandy, a tablespoon of dijon mustard and reduce while the bird rests. Strain the “gravy”. Carve the bird. Catch the drool.

Fork Tender Butter, Sherry & Orange Juice Carrots

Organic carrots (with tops), trimmed and sliced thin, then simmered in butter, sherry and fresh orange juice until fork tender. Add fresh cracked black pepper and a bit of sea salt. Pour pan juices over carrots when serving.

A good hunk of fresh-baked baguette.

A lovely bottle of Sauncerre or Malbec to your taste.

Watercress, Pear, Walnut Insalata

Finish this Sunday Roast with a watercress salad dressed lightly in a dijon, sherry vinegar, olive oil dressing. Add slices of fresh pear, a tartuffo (truffle) cheese and raw walnuts.

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