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Graan Markt 13, Antwerp

It occurred to me this weekend that I haven’t been writing much about design lately. Maybe since my days are so filled with product development issues, new sourcing and manufacturing dilemmas and perfecting the pieces, that I would rather escape to travel and food at night when I sit down to blog. Maybe I just haven’t been very inspired in a while. Maybe…

Over the last two months I have been to Europe and Asia and was pleasantly inspired by a delicious design concept on both continents as well as here at home in NYC. Curated design shops are mixing pleasures by housing a restaurant as well as a great furniture, home accessory/novelty and or fashion shop. Does it get better than soothing all the cravings in a one stop shop? A union of great food and great finds! (Usually spells great financial loss for my wallet lol).

Here are a few of my favorite deliciously designed stores across the globe.

1. ABC Carpet & Home + ABC Kitchen (888 Broadway, New York City, NY)

Starting right here at home in NYC, I would be remiss to not mention ABC. My Mom took me to ABC when I was 16 yrs old, while on a family Christmas in NYC trip. I was overwhelmed, amazed, inspired and have to say it is one of the big reasons I am in furniture today. Back then, there was no Jean-Georges Michelan starred restaurant attached! ABC houses three great restaurants. Jean-George, Pipa (great tapas and even better sangria) and Le Pain Quotidien (originally from Belgium). You will leave filled in every way, from culinary adventures to inspiration for every nook and cranny of your home. A true furniture & foodie mecca in NYC.


2. Graan Markt 13 + Seppe Nobels – Antwerp, Belgium

Owners & Couple, Tim and Ilse, opened their historic home for all to enjoy. They call the top floor of this amazing house HOME. Next floor down is a fashion/furniture/gift STORE promoting rising talent in each of these. Unique finds, finely curated collections, that appreciate what is current yet unique and timeless. Next floor down a GALLERY.  Downstairs and spilling into the street, a RESTAURANT called Seppe Nobels serving food just as innovative as the art upstairs.

Graan Market Gallery

3. Tom Dixon Shop + Dock Kitchen – London, England

Iconic Tom Dixon opens his newest store in London featuring some of my favorite vendors like Ciretrudon Candles and Texidors home textiles. Another expertly curated collection of furniture, fashion and gift vendors with a nod towards modern design. Dock Kitchen carries that theme to the plate with innovative food techniques and trends as well as offering some of the more interesting concepts in food right now such as “Sort of Coal” water. An adventure from the furniture to the fork.

Dock Kitchen, London

4. VOO + VOO Cafe – (Oranienstr. 24, Berlin, Germany)

Nestled in the Kreuzberg District of Berlin, this newly opened shop in 2010, is making headlines with its uniquely inspired offerings. Focusing on local artists and purveyors, the shop is rich with pop culture, hipster vibes and a wonderful collection of design/fashion books (my fav!). This shop would be right at home in Williamsburg. An attached cafe serves up local brews, coffees and inspired sammies, salads, soups and snacks.

Va Va Voo!

5. ReStore Livng + Kitchen – (124 Tanjong Pagar Rd, Singapore)

Chair Exhibition

Tucked in a prewar shop house in historic Tanjong Pagar district, husband and wife team, Megumi and Liew, restore furniture into modern-day marvels. An old dresser is transformed with crisp varnish in bright red or wooden dining chairs are given a new lease on life in red tweed. Its fun, spirited and…feeds you too! The couple started buying old plates and cups and decided to put them to good use. Their small kitchen turns out delicious snacks and drinks to keep the shoppers satiated.

These are just a few of the more curated stores + restaurants I have come across recently. This is a growing trend so I expect to see lots more shops willing to give me both a furniture/fashion fix as well as foodie fix!

ABC Kitchen

Know any stores + restaurants in your neighborhood that are really excelling at both? SHARE! I am always hungry for more furniture, fashion and forkful finds.

Ciao for now,


One thought on “Delicious Design

  1. Marco Alves says:

    Thanks for sharing your travel experiences 🙂 always a good read! Looking forward to your next post…

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