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NINGBO, CHINA … It’s Where I Am …

Ningbo China

Exactly Where:      (simplified Chinese: 宁波; pinyinNíngbōNingbo dialect: Nyinpou) is a seaport city of northeastern Zhejiang Province, Eastern China. Holding sub-provincial administrative status, the city has a population of 2,201,000 and lies south of the Hangzhou Bay, facing the East China Sea to the east. Ningbo borders Shaoxing to the west and Taizhou to the south, and is separated from Zhoushan by a narrow body of water.

Ideally Where:    The first character in the city’s name (宁 or 寧) means “serene”, while its second character (波) translates to “waves”. Together, the name literally means “Serene Waves”.

Where in History:    Ningbo is one of China’s oldest cities, with a history dating back to the Hemudu culture in 4800 BC . Once known as Mingzhou (明州), Ningbo was known as a trade city on the silk road at least two thousand years ago, and then as a major port, along with Yangzhou andGuangzhou in the Tang Dynasty; thereafter, the major ports for foreign trade in the Song Dynasty.

Flower Power Where:    Ningbo is famous for the Si Lan Nong Xiang flower. Used for dying cloth, 2008 exports were responsible for 3% of the Ningbo economic growth.

Ningbo Flower Power

Culturally Where:     Tianyi Pavilion Museum, (Tian Yi Ge Bowuguan) Ningbo’s best tourist attraction, the Tianyi Chamber (daily 8am-4.30pm; ¥20), is comfortably tucked away in the vicinity of Moon Lake (Yuehu). Built in 1516 and said to be the oldest surviving library building in China, it was founded by Ming official Fan Qin, whose collection went back to the 11th century and included woodblock and handwritten copies of the Confucian classics, rare local histories and lists of the candidates successful in imperial examinations.

Once Upon a Time in Ningbo

Where it Started:    Heather Antonelli wrote her first ever blog entry in this city during an “extended” stay here in 2003.

**IF you find my first entry from Ningbo, on the WWW, a free signed book is yours! Good Luck! Or as they say in Ningbo, ” 好运”


A little hint…I was not using wordpress at the time. It was an early blog hosting site. X marks the spot.

Its great to be back Ningbo! You are looking Haute!

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