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Mint Julep

It’s no surprise to any of you that I own a luxury outdoor/indoor/anywhere you want to be glamorous, exotic and breathtaking tent company. Or is it? Did you know I design and manufacture these textiles and tents when my foodie hat is off? More importantly, can you now imagine your life WITHOUT one of these in it?  lol.

La Rosa

I am most excited to announce our new partnership with Tents Unlimited in Atlanta GA. Tents Unlimited has been “covering” the most exclusive events for the past 18 years across the Southeastern US. We are delighted to be their new partner for what they are calling their luxury boutique collection. Gypsy Faire Tents have fit right in and we can’t wait to start making the grass a little greener around Atlanta and the events coming this summer.


Friend us on FB to see where Gypsy Faire and Tents Unlimited party all summer long. It’s going to be one haute summer! 

Feeling a bit jealous that you are missing out? Not to worry, we will design and make a custom tent just for your backyard, roof, pool, outdoor living area or for the haute events you have planned this Summer too! If you are in the SE, Tents Unlimited has over a dozen gorgeous Gypsy Faire Tents that you can rent.

Pretty in Pink

Now just sit back and imagine the magical party under a starry tent in a big wildflower field or on the beach or in your Hamptons house garden or on your urban roof. Call me when you are done daydreaming and we will make it a reality!


One thought on “Haute Tents!

  1. Hi
    I am highly interested in buy one of your tents! I really love them! I’ve been trying to reach you by phone with no results. Please let me know prices and sizes…. Contact me as soon as possible!

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