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Signs of Summer

I am not sure of the official day of the beginning of Summer.

I think it dwells deep in the heart of June. But this weekend certainly did herald its arrival in NYC! Gorgeous blue skies led to a picnic in Prospect Park, a rooftop BBQ with friends and long bike rides around Brooklyn and Manhattan which in turn led to my looking a bit lobster like today šŸ™‚

I kicked off early on Friday, took Sula girl on a run and then… packed a picnic basket & headed off to the park. Given it was the first of the Summer, I pulled out all the picnic gourmet stops! There were lavender infused cold towels; to refresh before the prosciutto e melon was served. Then a small Moroccan tea glass of fresh gazpacho while discussing kite tactics. A chilled whole wheat orzo salad with roasted tomatoes, grilled lemon garlic shrimp, chorizo & olives tossed in white truffle oil with lemon and pepper. Fresh strawberries, raspberries and blackberries to finish. Picnic Perfection.

Prospect Park Posh Picnic

A Saturday night BBQ on the rooftop of a dear Argentine friend’s house in Red Hook. You know they make the best BBQ steak right? Ā Argentine Flank Steak, Corn, Potatoes, Salad Greens and a cheese course that would make the French proud. Best part…good company and a lower Manhattan skyline at sunset.

BBQ with a View

Sunday Funday! Slept in a bit. Ā Rented bikes and ventured to Manhattan up to around 50th St. Had a litte Sangria repasseĀ and then back to BK. Chill evening with our friend Cod and a few of his shrimpy friends. Apparently, they made quite an impression, so look for them again soon in a recipe or book near you.

Slices of Summer!

Monday even MORE Funday. Rode bikes to Manhattan to West Side Highway Bike Trail along the water, then all the way up to Central Park.

As we headed back down Park Avenue, the sun was full in my face, the wind in my hair. I must have had a silly grin on my 80% sunglass covered face because I was then asked, “what are you smiling about?”.

I replied, ” Sometimes I remember that I actually live here”.

The silly grin stayed. So has the sun. I look a bit like Rudolph but better than a Panda.

Later, after a very cold shower, I met up with my BFF (Brooklyn Fabulous Friends) at our fav local, Bar Tabac. As we compared sunburns and weekend stories, the grin just got wider. Summer in the city is here.

Let’s hope its Endless!

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