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FF - Foodie Friday!

Twitter. Yes, I tweet. Not Often. Not sure why. I play the game but still don’t know the rules and have no clue on how you win or if there is a winner. It feels a little like the same as when you blow a dandelion and make a wish. A lot of little seeds go out into the sky and beyond but how do you know where they ever land?

That’s where FF comes in I guess. The one real indication that there is life out there in Twitterland and people are catching the seeds. FF is Follow Friday, for all of you, as lost as I, in Twitterland. You basically give a shout out to all the other tweeting peeps that you like. I think ? 😉

I did it once. Some Tweeters were grateful. It felt nice. So, I might try again tomorrow. I am going to call it Foodie Friday (#FF) though. A shout out to all the foodies I like.

But why wait til tomorrow? I am going to give a Blog FF tonite. Right now. To all the bloggers who pour their words and soul onto a computer screen each week and hit a “Publish” button. It takes a lot more chutzpah to pour your soul, your song, your dreams, your thoughts or your recipes to the world, rather than stringing together 140 characters. There are some very talented Tweeters (Ruth Bourdain) don’t get me wrong. We will FF them tomorrow. Tonite, we high-five the bloggers who keep me challenged to be better. Who give amazing content with every post. Who open their front doors to their world and let us peak in. Who are my celebrity crushes in blogland. You all create magic and wonder with your words and more often your beautiful images. Keep bloggin’!

http://www.mattbites.com – My First Blog Crush

The Genius of Matt

http://www.stilettochef.com – My Newest Blog Crush

Sex & the City meets Health Nut...love it!

http://www.theurbangrocer.com/ – Hip & Happening! Feeds my foodie wanderlust.

A Mutual Global Foodie!

http://www.thekitchn.com/ – Because everything this Power Blog Couple does is pure inspiration!

A+ for Amazing Content All the Time

http://www.tarteletteblog.com/ – Photos that make me drool. Its like stepping into a fairy tale about food.

An Eye for Food!

http://www.latartinegourmande.com/ – Because she makes it all seem so effortless, so beautiful and so inspiring. My favorite daydream.

Need I Say More?

Do give each of these blogs a read. I guarantee you get hooked. Exciting lives, great post content and you ALWAYS go away hungry for more!

#FB Foodie Bloggers

Oh and just in case you get lost in Twitterland, come visit me @HauteKitchen 😉 Tweet Tweet!

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