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Entertaining Inspired by my Travels & Traditions


I fought a Bull once. No really, I did.

It wasn’t a mechanical one at a Country Western Bar, like the Broken Spoke in Austin TX.

It wasn’t while running down the streets of Pamplona during the Bull Run. Still on my to do list.

It WAS just outside of Mexico City at a private country hacienda, belonging to one of the owners of Grupo Modelo. (Yeah, the head honchos of  cerveza in Mexico). Sr. had his very own private bullring, as any proper hacienda should!

Charro Lasso Show!

Sr. had one of his charros give us a live lasso demonstration. I was impressed. Then the mariachi band started well, this is where it all begins.

It was not Cinco de Mayo, but I can’t think of this day and NOT think of my victory over the Toro! 

It all started with a harmless michelada in the hot Mexican sun listening to the mariachis. Then I had another michelada. (Goes down like water ya know). Soon, I thought I better eat something and the aromas coming from the outdoor kitchen grill had gotten my attention.

Micheladas Madness Setting In

Next thing I knew I was being dared to eat sautéed crickets on a tortilla. Done. What’s next? How about sautéed worms on chip with a spicy salsa? Done. How about some ceviche? YES PLEASE. How about slow roasted pig with mango salsa and another michelada. Done and Done.

Ceviche Cups & Pulled Pork

How about fighting a bull in that ring? As they say, When in Rome, er um Mexico!

So there I was standing at the gate of the ring, looking down at my 4 inch heels. Ha! Only one thing to do now. Fight the bull barefoot!

I entered the ring. I was given a red flag. I was told to get behind the protective barrier. I was told to NEVER move the red flag from the right side to the left side while bull is charging. If you do, there will be a window through your middle section afterward. Good advice, I thought.

Then, the door opened and ENTER TORO. He was small. I was remembering why I never should drink Tequila. I came out around the barrier and faced the beast.

He looked around at everyone watching this spectacle and seemed to say, “seriously, she isn’t even worth getting out of the stall for”. Then he did that thing that bulls do with their hoof. That, ready or not, here I come thing. Then, he was running at me. I stared him in the eye and prayed for a quick death.

He charged the flag, I twirled around as he turned on a dime and charged again from the other side. I dove for the barrier. SUCCESS! He gave me a snotty snout sneeze in my general direction and skipped off. I asked for a shot of Tequila. 😉 Don’t believe me? Here ya go…the live version.

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Eat a few  garlicky crickets, some crunchy fried worms, knock back some salty rimmed Margaritas or Tequila Shots. Wear a sombrero! Say OLE alot. Just don’t get in a bull ring.

Oh and here is a great Michelada recipe from Serious Eats! Ole.


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