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Chilled Thai Watermelon Soup

I absolutely love Soup.

Were it not for cheese, figs, crusty fresh-baked bread and heirloom tomatoes – oh oh, and olives, tuna & berries – then I could live off soup!

A steaming bowl of chicken soup sets the world back to right and I swear that butternut squash, apple soup in September brings tears to the eyes. However, come warm weather, my soul longs for chilled soups. It’s the absolute perfect Spring & Summer food. Fresh farmer’s market produce blends up into mouth-watering and body cooling soups.

Soup Fixins

What are your favorites? Gazpacho, of course. I have made Gazpacho with a Thai accent and also with an Indian accent and it always comes out a winner. But how about some more obscure chilled soups? Got any?

I have three to share and if you start drooling while reading about them, then I will send you the recipes.

The first is my touchstone chilled soup. THAI WATERMELON SOUP. (Yes, its in the book – Page 129.)
Fresh watermelon is blended with olive oil sautéed onion, Thai chili, lemongrass, ginger, garlic and basil. A splash of fresh lime juice and some fresh chopped basil and flat leaf parsley send this soup to the front of the class. Add fresh crabmeat for a heartier version and top with sliced avocado and BAM! you just made a lot of new fans. 😉

Daily Dose of Divinity

The second is a Zucchini Mint & Basil Soup. Roasted zucchini adds a smoky rich flavor to the pureed soup that hints of fresh picked mint and basil, fresh ground pepper for a spicy note and a dollup of greek yoghurt, which gives it a backbone and creaminess. Paired with a glass of Vinho Verde and some of that previously mentioned crusty bread is guaranteed to make the ordinary lunch feel five star.

Za Za Zucchini

The third is a Green Chile Cucumber Soup. Just imagine that the cucumber patch got mixed into the green chile patch and the two fell in love under a warm Mexican sun. Roast the chiles, saute the cucumber with some tiny cipollino onions just til they sigh, not squish. Then add fresh stock, cilantro (or parsley for the cilantro haters) and a shot of tequila. Oh yes I did. Puree to perfection. Grab your sombrero, a cold Negro Modelo, some chips and guac and ole! Follow immediately with a long siesta.

Chilled Chile Cuke Soup

I have heard rumor of cantaloupe chilled soup? Anybody tried this? I am prepared to lead the charge on making this Summer, the Summer of Soup! Send me your favorite foods and let’s make chilled soup out of it! Much better than making mincemeat, no? LOL.

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