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The Beginning...

Last night was not just the “test run, guinea pig, oh boy let’s see what happens 1st Supper Club”, but was rather a SMASHING SUCCESS.

Two Bridges Supper Club is officially off the ground, with one fabulous dinner under belt. It might have even increased a belt size here or there. 8 Courses later πŸ˜‰

and we are off!

Shall we review?

Once this pictorial story finishes, I think you may wipe the drool from your chin and wonder …”how can I make sure, I am on the next invite list?” Simple answer is subscribe to my blog. Easy as pie.

Now, to the drooling part…

Two Antipasta nibbles during the cocktail hour. The first was a prosciutto & melon skewer. The melon, black Sicilian olives and prosciutto had been tossed in fresh mint and red wine vinegar then dotted with a balsamic reduction.

Prosciutto & Melon & then some!

That went fast. A Good start.


zucchini Bruschetta

Baby Zucchini bruschetta! Let’s look at the layers. Crispy olive oil broiled Italian bread slices topped with a honey & lavender flavored ricotta cheese, toasted pine nuts, fried capers & zucchini topped with a parmesano reggiano shaving. Oh yes it did taste better than it even looks. The teeniest girl there took the biggest serving. Always a compliment πŸ˜‰

and then…

Insalata Primavera

A bed of microgreens tossed in a champagne vinaigrette layed host to thinly sliced granny smith apple, smoked trout, a boiled quail egg topped with creme fraiche & caviar and a whole lot of flavor power!

Just getting started…

Sea Bass in Parchment

Fresh Sea Bass filet was cooked in parchment paper with tomatoes, whole garlic, olives, fig, shallots, sun-dried tomatoes and then sprinkled with fresh lemon, balsamic vinegar, black pepper and sea salt with a drizzle of olive oil. Does it get more pure than this? 8 of 8 guests agree! They also agreed that warm crusty bread to dip in the juices made the world a better place.

Then…we opened some serious red wines to greet the next course!

Beef Tenderloin on Raviolo

How about a giant homemade sweet potato ravioli topped witha perfect medium rare slice of beef tenderloin (rubbed in espresso, chocolate & red chili), then smothered in a caramelized chippolino onion, maple syrup, wild mushroom, masala, balsamic reduction sauce? Yeah, it didn’t touch the sides!

As the food coma set in…I added a sugar kick!

Chocolate Pot de Creme!

Not too sweet, not bitter…just right! I even made everyone take a turn around the table whipping the fresh creme to make the topping! Then a bit of lemon zest and ooh lala!

Karen, Whipping up our fresh creme!

We finished (yes there was more) with some gorgonzola dolce, English cheddar studded with dried apricot & lemon, spanish fennel sweet cracker, fig and a final sip of wine. It called for a final Toast!


An amazing night and thanks so much to all who attended and braved being the first!

Two Bridges Supper Club will travel back and forth from Brooklyn to Manhattan to New Jersey with a dinner each month! You do Not want to miss the next. We will be deep into the Springs first harvests. Yum!

Aftermath. A Table of Memories!

Now, who is doing the dishes?


2 thoughts on “2 Bridges, 1st Supper Club – Success!

  1. Heather says:

    You are added to the invite list! Would love to have you at one of the dinners!

  2. erader says:

    How wonderful was that meal!!!??? Hope to be in NYC for one of those….Heather keep me posted!

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