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Secret Supper Club

I feel like its Christmas Eve.

Tomorrow I am hosting my first, numero uno, primero, Underground Supper Club!

It’s not really underground, btw. That would be too claustrophobic for me lol.  But the location will only be disclosed, to those attending. (Just love that).

Its Supper in 8 Courses for 8 Lucky Attendees (or suckers or dear friends) at 8PM.

Its My Dream.

Its Coming True.

Should I wear glass slippers?

Want a glimpse inside the magic crystal menu ball?

Haute n the Kitchen Presents

“Two Bridges Supper Club”

Friday, April 15th, 2011

Baby Zucchini & Brooklyn Ricotta Bruschetta

Squash Blossom Bites (filled with Carroll Gardens homemade Mozzarella & Prosciutto)

Prosciutto & Basil Wrapped cantaloupe (Italiano) w/ Mozzarella dressed in Mint & Blood Orange Vinegarette

Amuse Buche (because we all love secrets and little bites)

Sea Bass in Parchment, ala Capri

Espresso Rubbed Beef Tenderloin on a Wild Mushroom Ravioli topped with a Caramelized Onion Fig Reduction

Chocolate Pots de Creme

Gorgonzola & Port

Yes its a heavily Italian influenced menu. Certo! A wise business coach once told me “Grow Where You are Planted”. I think my guests will appreciate this perspective. If not, well, I guess its more for me lol.

Are you green with envy right now that you are not attending? Well you should be! Hey, its easy. Subscribe to my blog. You are now on the VIP list. It’s gonna get really Haute this Summer, so join now! Can’t wait to cook for you!

Secret Ingredients

One thought on “1st EVER Haute Supper Club!

  1. JoAnn says:

    that so awesome!!!!!

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