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Oh Spring, where art Thou?

Spring, for all her glorious qualities, seems to be lacking in the “showing up on time” department. Its April 13th and the high for today was 54 degrees. There was a constant “Irish mist” and where there were smiles, just a few days ago on all the sidewalk faces, now there are only drooping heads.

I have tried to channel her in a myriad of unsuccessful ways – I bought a bounty of colorful tulips, I filled pots with heady purple lilacs, bought strappy sandals, drank iced coffee, ordered a chilled cucumber soup and even tried skipping. Spring was not responsive. Oh yeah, there was that one day where she just teased a bit with a blue sunny sky, a 70 degree temp and a gentle breeze for the daffodils to dance in. But it was fleeting. I feel its time for more drastic measures to summon her, into her own Season!

Lilac Love

So, I am going to COOK Spring. I am hopeful that the aromas of those divine spring vegetables, sprouting herbs and tender meats will lure her in. I feel sure once she gets a bite of her own seasonal gifts, she will stick around until Summer comes barreling down the road. No?

Another good reason to cook these recipes would be Easter, just a week and a bit away. This is an easy full proof menu, that scales well, and really celebrates the freshness of the Season. It’s a delightful menu for Easter lunch after the big hunt! You can even add a frittata, fresh berries and some blood orange muffins to make it a great Brunch as well. Don’t forget the bubbly and mimosas! Spring loves these.

Roasted Spring Hen

Spring Lunch

Chilled Prosecco, certo!

Prosciutto Wrapped Honeydew (with a mint & honey drizzle)

Roast Hen with a Lavender Honey Glaze

Roast Potatoes, cooked in Duck Fat (oh yes we did)

Baby Carrots in a Thyme Vinegarette

Dessert – well, should we go Cadbury Egg or Speckled Malt Eggs or Marshmallow Bunnies? (I vote for Cadbury)

In case you feel more homemade, try a strawberry tiramisu…

For any or all of these recipes, please send me a comment and I will post them under my recipes page!

Perfume Necklaces


PS …IT WORKED! I woke up to sunny blue skies this morning! Thank you Spring! You made my day.

2 thoughts on “Spring Chicken

  1. Heather says:

    Thanks Mad8! The food is delish as you might know! Love the shout out and that means extra portions for your plate in the near future! LOL

  2. mad8design says:

    love what you’re doing with your blog!!!
    and the food sounds delicious, will try this last one in the near future…
    thank you haute for the tips 🙂

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