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Dusk in Jodhpur

Its Saturday Night! Let’s hit the town, wherever you, or the nearest town, may be!


Happy Hour

Me, I am home in Brooklyn and completely wiped out after almost two full months of being on the road. My big Saturday night plans include a quiet homemade dinner with some wine, a bit of work on the new book (oh yes I did say that) and then hitting the …pillow! lol.

But a few weeks ago I hit the town, in one of my favorite little BIG towns…Jodhpur, in Rajasthan India.

Wanna reminisce with me? Let’s go…

One Stop Briches Shop

Our night started out by getting fitted for some new fancy briches and a sparkly new sari! Can’t go out on the town without the latest local fashions!

Clocktower Market

Then it was off to the historic clocktower market, where the action is non-stop!

Moo Bar

A cow cruises a vegetable stand for some veggie tapas…

Bar Snacks

We get a few party snacks for late night munchies…

Hey Hey

Are you flirting with me? 😉

From here, it got a bit crazy. I warn you – do not watch this if you have been drinking heavily or do not like roller coaster rides!

We jumped in a rickshaw and hit the town in fashion. As we bumped along, the rickshaw making sure to seek out every pothole; I documented what could basically be called “a drunk drive”. haha. It’s not pretty but its a slice of life, on a Saturday, at the night market! Who needs cocktails when you can just watch life pass you by from a rickshaw!?

Buckle up!

The next morning…village hangover.

Pass the Chai and 2 Aspirin

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