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Jose Thenee Drawings

Its been a much much better week!

My grandmother is on the mend and thank you so much to everyone who sent their well wishes, prayers and warm fuzzies. It worked!

I am working on BIG news (stay tuned for May posts) and have been spending alot of time recipe planning, for some upcoming events. The events both have a strong Southern theme by coincidence, so I have been consulting with various farms in GA about what is locally grown, organic and coming up in May! Looks like lots of Spring veggies and well…a few pigs and cows. That, in turn, means fresh cheeses and yup, bacon!

The events are for some rather larger crowds so I have decided to go with grass-fed local beef for the entrée and given the number of mouths to feed, flank steak is the cut of choice! Guess that tells you that the Trumps are not my clients. Rather I am working on a budget provided by a Tourism board. We will leave the beef tournedos for another event.

Test Run Dinner

Just so turns out my friend, Rafael, has a secret recipe for the BEST flank steak north of Buenos Aires, where he heralds from. I have taken good notes over many dinners and am going to attempt to come close to his dee-lish grilled flank steak. There was a test run this past week and I don’t think I am going to come up short. The tricky thing is, and I know you are already thinking it, grass-fed beef is much leaner than regular beef so it will have to be flawlessly grilled, in order for it not to be overcooked and tough. I accept the challenge! Chanelling my Argentinian friend as my guide and guru for the dinner. In other words, Rafael – send me your recipe!

Mmm Malbec

This week has also caught my lips on a few glasses of Malbec quite coincidentally. I am a fan. Turns out it goes swimmingly with flank steak, as is the order in the all the best Argentinian restaurants, no?  I am hoping to convince the tourism board that Malbec should be the nectar of choice for the dinner. Anyone have a great suggestion for a Malbec around $10 that drinks like a $20 bottle? Please let me know.

All roads were pointing South and then even more Southern, to Argentina,  and then came the 3rd. Yeah, you know, everything comes in 3’s right? So we had Argentine Meat, Malbec and then there was Jose Thenee.

Our showroom entrance

The High Point Furniture Show started on Saturday and well, duh, of course I was there. Our showroom, Bobo Intriguing Objects, looked incredible as always. However, there was a special exhibition this market that had everyone talking. At Bobo (Bohemian Bourgeoise) we always have over 10,000 sq. ft of vintage finds and antiques, for buyers to fight over. It’s a tradition. Buyers roll up at 6am Saturday morning to get in line, to be the first in the doors, to buy up the unique and exquisite finds. Hot coffee and gooey Krispy Kreme donuts keep them fat and happy til the doors open at 8am. This time buyers and Heather’s alike were blown away by a collection of drawings, that Mark had procured on an antique buying trip in…yup Argentina.

A lifetime of drawings

Jose Thenee is said to be the greatest blacksmith in history. Little is known about his private life other than he rarely slept and liked his dogs. He won top blacksmith awards at the Philadelphia Worlds Fair and his work was prolific throughout Buenos Aires. His reach did extend to the US even. We had is life’s works in our showroom! Some we had framed, most were just out on massive brickmaker tables for buyers to peruse and purchase. This little buyer found herself hand carrying 7 drawings home. They are truly amazing. All hand drawn with his notes and calculations; often enough a cigar burn or red wine stain. Many still have the original client workorder with them, are stamped and dated. Some have heavy stock paper templates for the finer details of the drawing. A little Argentinian treasure chest that we had the chance to open and offer.

Did I buy it?

So a great week full of Meat, Malbec and Metalsmith drawings. Almost like I had one toe in Buenos Aires this week no?


Bella Bobo

5 thoughts on “Meat, Malbec & a Metalsmith

  1. Heather says:

    I am so excited to get two of my Thenee prints framed! I will post a picture of it when it is hanging on my wall. Great to see and hang with you. Always a pleasure 🙂

  2. Courtney says:

    Sounds like High Point was a great show. Especially liked the Jose Thenee prints. Do you happen to have a bio on him? (I do… wink, wink!)

    Can’t wait to hear more about the new cookbook you are writing. Best of luck!

  3. Heather says:

    Thank you Angela for the recommendation! Will definitely look for this one, maybe even today 🙂

  4. Angela says:


    Gauchezco Oro Malbec 2008 Recieves Gold Medal at Wines of Argentina 2011 Competition

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