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Japan in Green

St. Pattys Day tomorrow. Is wearing green while travelling in Asia a major taboo at this point?

I am sitting on the fence.

Unfortunately, it’s not  a down home split log one, with a view to a pasture of wild horses and mountains in the background, just at sunset.

Its more like the International Date Line fence, with one leg saying get your *ss back to NY and the other planted in Asia saying, no worries this far South.

So what’s it to be? Should I stay or should I go?

7 more days in my work travel schedule, all in Southern China & Hong Kong. 168 more hours of possibly getting a green tan.


Its Day 16 of the trip and I am in Bangkok, headed for Dongguan, China tomorrow.

St. Pattys in China again! I was here last year as well if you recall, or actually read my meandering thoughts. Somehow, I think painting oneself GREEN this year is not going to be TRENDING.

Here are a few shots of my walk this evening while pondering a quick getaway.

I heart this facade

A few dinner options

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Lantern Love…

How many fit in my suitcase?

I think this calls for a hot bubble bath, a glass of red wine and a good nites sleep. Do you think that’s what Anderson Cooper does when deciding if he should stay or go? Seems he always stays, but then again he looks really good in green. I don’t.

Most votes wins…cast your vote!

One thought on “Cloudy & Green in Japan

  1. marco says:

    Love your travel and the food adventures!!
    keep sharing please…thank you haute

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