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Day 4 – Manila to Mexico

Not kidding, I woke on Friday, slurped down some more vile Nescafe and hitched a ride to Mexico.

Mexico, Philipines, a sleepy little hamlet that would make the true Mexicans proud. A few stray dogs, rice paddies, a pretty mango tree-lined main street and my destination. Of course, you know I cannot reveal the details of my mission to Mexico. Highly protected corporate secrets. But I can tell you the biz went down as well as the delicious Adobo I was fed for lunch. Adobo is the Filipino national dish; pork and chicken cooked in a wok with a  flavorful sauce of onions, soy sauce and lots of spices served over rice of course.

Day 4 was tasty and with good cause as I would not be seeing food again until today. Manila traffic turned out an impressive showing and I barely made my flight last evening to Cebu. Reached my hotel at 11pm and crawled into bed thinking how nice it would be to introduce Dos Equis to Mexico. It would be perfect with Adobo. I digress.

Playing hooky

Day 5 – Cebu

I could lie and say I worked really hard on my emails, my spreadsheets and my factory visits today. I did work really hard.

On my tan. (Sorry M if you are reading this. It is Saturday after all! I will work 2x as hard tomorrow lol).

However, it’s not my fault. I opened the curtains at 8am, to yell at all the noisy children headed to the beach, and was caught breathless by this view. I was seduced. It hypnotized me and even sent a breeze to whisper, “your pale skin is offending the gods, play hooky.”

Seduced by the Sea

So, I got my bum down to a lounge chair in order to turn my pasty white skin into a nice freckled hue of soft pink. Mission accomplished, except for one patch of my right knee that dodged the sunscreen and is the color of a lobster. How do I manage to always do that?

So, Day 5 was like this – watermelon juice, sunbathe, swim, sunbathe, watermelon juice, snorkel, sunbathe, over 21 watermelon juice, nap.

Cebu Sunset

The sun just set and I think I will go gather some sympathetic looks as I stroll the candlelit beach…alone. Where are you? Can’t believe you are standing me up when it really counts lol. Am I going to have to eat dinner alone too, overlooking the sea with a forlorn lost love look? Shame on you. 😉

PS. I saw a bright blue starfish today! It’s Dr. Seuss and the Sea here.  Tomorrow I want to meet “sweetlips fish” for an underwater kiss. I do not however want the kiss of death from the 4th guy in on the bottom row. Yikes.

Dr. Seuss in Cebu

One thought on “Sun, Sea & Cebu

  1. JoAnn says:

    come on i like that little black and white striped whatchamacallit…. oh yea SNAKE or small sea SERPENT!!!

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