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Day 3 – Manila, Philipines

Woke at 7:55am, natural alarm clock. Whoohoo…no 3am wakeup, no jet lag! Celebrated with a nasty mug of hotel room Nescafe while checking emails. As I took my last sip of coffee, which ended up being a mouthful of grinds, I realized I had no clue what was outside my window. I had arrived in the dark, nearly delirious from the journey, and had fallen almost straight into bed. I dashed to the window (not really) and what did I see,  but this very view and many baby guppies…

Manila Vanilla

I call it Manila Vanilla for a darn good reason. Here is a luxury Asian tourist hotel with an armed security team on all borders of the gated property. Hencewhile (no such word but I like it),  a Disney inspired “tropical paradise” exists inside these barbed gates. Just across the narrow water passage –  a commercial cargo port & city centre trapped in 1975. Manila has failed to excite me as a vibrant city for a second time. Its vanilla without the sprinkles.

I attended Manila NOW 2011 today, the annual furniture show. Not bad. It is very small but the vendors were for the most part of good quality and of a respectable design style/taste. Wanna see? Here are a few pics just to give you an idea of what kinds of material the Philipines has to offer.

Recycled Vintage Look

I like how they re-purposed the rice farmers’ baskets as art on the far wall.

The recycled look is here to stay for a while. However there is still a strong showing of this more contemporary, but still rich in color, style as well. The classic Asian look, once again reborn. Let’s just say, great for hotels or Tribeca lofts.

Modern, but warm.

Asia in general excels in the woven materials like rattan and seagrass and synthetic versions of this. I didn’t see much today that impressed or was new but I did consider this for my new bed.

Voulez vouz ...

and perhaps this for the garden I do not have, but covet…

On the roof Rafa?

Final thought from my day…leave the show, go back to Disneyland, take a swim with the baby guppies, shower and then face your hardest challenge yet…how to work the toilet.

The demise of Charmin

What else can I say after this?

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