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Day 2 – Manila – A very short day as I arrived at Narita Airport, Japan at 4:30pm;  walked to the lounge, brushed my teeth, splashed water on my face, sucked down a bottle of water and got on my flight to Manila.

5 hours, a sushi airplane meal!, a movie I slept through and 1 taxi ride later I am settled in my hotel in Manila. Its 11pm.

Manila Mojo

Day 2 – A very short, uneventful (how I like my plane rides) day.

On another note –

I take it all back. Every single thing I doubted and questioned about ANA, (All Nippon Airlines) I hereby revoke. What a great airline! Let’s face it people, the US/European Airlines do not hold a candle to Asian airlines. There I said it. It was so great to actually be treated with respect and attended to with a smile and lightning fast response time. I would just hover my finger over the call button and an impeccably dressed & coiffed attendant would be there smiling asking me “what you wish Ms?”

Ms. wishes all her flights were like the one she had today. I almost felt disappointed when the 14 hrs of spoiling was over. Almost. Not to go on about it but the food was more than edible, served with real napkins and metal utensils, a great wine list (free), hot towels every two hours, yummy snacks, great entertainment system, luxurious combed wool blankies and pillows (all you can ask for), an ice cream bar, a stocked regular bar and cappuccino! The only thing missing was a trip to the cockpit to get a pair of plastic pin on wings and to sit on the captains lap. Just kidding, relax – I quit that years ago 😉

Here’s the kicker…I was in economy and “earned valuable Continental Miles for future travel within the 50 contiguous US states and abroad.”

Manila is…muggy. About all I can say so far. Tomorrow morning its off to the furniture show. The treasure hunt begins!

Anybody have any restaurant, street stalls, shopping or other tips for Manila? Going exploring tomorrow night! Send me your tips.

Hip Hip Hooray for ANA Airlines but …I never did find out what a Nippon is?

Night ya’ll

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