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ANA Airlines, for realz

I am sitting in the ANA Airlines lounge at JFK Airport, sipping on a watery cappuccino, waiting for my flight to Narita Japan. Yes, I had the same questions – who the hell is ANA Airlines and what is a Nippon? (All Nippon Airways)

Somehow I think lunch is going to be served with green tea, soy sauce, white rice and a few bad kung fu movies. Better than tandoori chicken and a Bollywood video, I guess.

This is flight number 1 of 12, over the next 23 days, carrying me to 11 cities in 8 countries all in the name of furniture! We are going to search high and low, over and under for the newest hottest and most sought after furniture materials, vendors, concepts, designs and inspirations. We are going to eat, sleep and breathe furniture design and hopefully end the journey with a big bag of new tables, chairs, lamps, baskets, bowls and beds. The final bed being the one I am going to fall into at the end of this journey back in Brooklyn.

I thought you might want to come along for the journey? I hope you packed light because this whirlwind tour is going to make the Tasmanian devil seem like a gentle breeze in comparison. We need to come up with a name for our tour. Any ideas?

Here’s the game plan: JFK – Narita – Manila – Cebu – Singapore – Jakarta – Ho Chi Minh – Bangkok – Hong Kong – Shenzhen – Dongguan – Guangzhou – Hong Kong – JFK.

So without further adieu…on our marks, get set, GO!

Day One * JFK – NRT, Seat 31K, 14 hrs 10 min.

See ya at Narita!

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