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Good Greens

I woke up Sunday feeling thankful for my amazing life. As the sunlight filled my bedroom and washed it with warmth I could only think on how truly lucky I am. It’s not every day we have this time to linger under fresh washed sheets and a big fluffy duvet contemplating our very own State of the Union.

I gave a sleeping snoring Sula a litte nuzzle and kiss on the those big floppy ears and fell back under the covers. I thought of my work that gives me the opportunity to circle the globe a few times a year. My tent business just on the brink of actually making a buck, my passion for cooking and entertaining and how many opportunities are just behind the door I need to open. I thought of my amazing friends that I have made over the past year since I moved to Brooklyn. My heart is full again with your friendships. I might actually have even come up with a plan for Whirled Peas, so stay tuned. 😉

I do love my country and would not have wanted or wished to be born anywhere else…but…the world calls. I feel for the hardship of man not just in our country but everywhere. I find myself a “citizen of the world”. That is my state of the union here in Brooklyn. *Sure do hope my processing new Indian and Chinese visas are not held up with tonites speech. lol.

I look forward to packing my bag and heading off to gather new passports stamps in 2011. On the list, Kashmir, Katmandu, French Polynesian Islands and interior Africa.

As for this week, I want to do a lot of yoga, eat healthy, make a new friend and design all things … GREEN.

Let’s Get our Green On!

Greenmarket Goodies

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